Monday, November 28, 2011

Run away baptism

Hey fam,
I really wish I could be sending you the pics of this long awaited, family completing, baptism... but no. We spent all week meeting with them everyday and preparing them for the baptism but as soon as friday got here there were some emergencies that came up with money problems....again and they took off in the morning when we were gonna do the baptismal interview. Turns out Hosman, the husband, doesnt have a cell phone so we had no idea how to get ahold of them. We went by later that night at around 830 and they had just gotten there and were exhausted but Jasmin said she felt great about the baptism and everything. Well saturday comes around and they take off at 10 in the morning... again but this time it was a little bit bigger of a deal cuz we didn't know whether to cancel the baptism or what. We sat at their house from 1 to 2 with her brother hoping they would come home for lunch.. but nothing. Elder Cac and I were just sooo confused and didnt know what to do, 4 came around and we had to call all the members and cancel the baptism saying that we just don't know what happened. We didnt hear from them or know anything about them till last night about 6 when we went back to their house and they just explained to us that there were some emergencies that they had to take care of. Ugh but this weekend was just extremely long and we still dont know what to believe with them. She accepted a new baptismal date for the 10th of December but we will see.
Other then all that stress... the mission continues on. Getting harder and harder as we continue having no success in our area. We found 2 new families at the beginning of the week and everything was going good, then I dont know what we did but all the sudden they wanted nothing. The people here just hear soo many bad things of the church that we cant get anyone to progress unless were right on their side every day. Nevertheless.... were doing good. Me and Elder Cac get along really well, my spanish vocab is getting bigger ever day being with a latino again.... i think i like being with latinos better. Greengos are just pridefull.. haha
I can honestly say that in the past couple weeks, or 2 months the hardest thing for me has been trying to maintain the spirit... while working and doing all the errands that we have to do as ZLs.. the stress is what satan uses to kill the zone leader missionaries.
In church they announced the Christmas Devotional next sunday and im so stoked to see that cuz I didnt get to see it last year but now that im in the city it makes everything so much more easier. I cant believe December is creepin in this week. Time just flies.
I love you all sooo much, despite all the hard stuff that we have to deal with, my testimony of the church only gets stronger everyday!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.. I was thinkin about you all when I was eating my humbly made beans, saly honduran cheese and eggs. We just didnt happen to get any invatations this year and since its not celebrated only certain people know about it. It was a really good dinner though! Dont get me wrong!
Love Elder Gardner

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