Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elder Broderick heading home

4 more months

One week until Christmas!

Well less then a week away now and I cant believe it. I remember when I completed a year in the mission and thinking that christmas was never gonna come but were here already. Im sick of christmas music already and its not because im a Scrouge but it kills me.. it gives me weird feelings of when I was at home. Im really happy though... this week is gonna be one heck of a week. We have 2 Christmas parties... for the mission and for the ward. Me and Elder Cac have a part in the drama that the ward is doing about the Scrouge so were excited about that. More then anything about the food but its gonna be interesting. Me may end up singing a song too. Im gonna sing a verse in english, him in Qeqchi (the dialect that he speaks), and then the last one in spanish. Weve got some thinkin and practicing to do.
This week has been hard cuz weve been just doing all kinds of errands for the other missionaries cuz there are 3 families getting married and baptized in the zone. Oh and yeah changes were this week and im gonna be staying in the ward for another 6 weeks, im gonna have 6 months here in this area and then just 12 weeks in my last area!
On wednesday Elder Broderick, my trainer, and bunch of my best buddies in the mission went home and ugh that was really hard. I remember when I just had 5 months in the mission and I was with Elder Broderick in Sabanagrande and saying that when he goes home I will have 20 months and now that day has come and past. I knew it was gonna be one of the hardest changes to get over cuz of all my buddies going home. On top of that the missionary that trained me who also went home but he offerend me his house in Costa Rica whenever I wanna go visit so im excited for that someday. Time really is winding down.. and i dont wanna believe it!! My last call!
I dont have alot to say this week cuz Ive got a lot to talk about on sunday.
But know that I love you all!! I wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
Until... well after Christmas!!
Thanks Warbys for my package... I got it today! Thanks!!!!!!!!
Love you all
Love your missionary
Elder Gardner