Monday, November 1, 2010

October has come and gone

Hey Fam!

Well another great week in Valle de Angeles! Me and Elder Reyes have been working really hard and we start seein some of our fruits this weekend! This friday we are going to be going through with a wedding and then saturday I will be baptizing the wife, I met her the first night that I got here to my new area and my comp asked who she would like to baptize her and she pointed at me so this saturday is the lucky day! Its quite a bit of hike to their house, but just as it was with Laura in Sabanagrande... its always worth it. The people here that accept the gospel so easily and truely change their lives are those humble, poor, and just loving people! This family is a family of 4 so we will be completing a family and the oldest kid will be baptized shortly but its just the husband that doesnt want anything as for now! He is ok with getting married but doesnt want anything to do with the church! Its been tough, but I know someday he will be baptized!
Yesterday in church we had 110 people... and wow, its almost like back home again, just short another 300 but i was blown away! We had 3 of our investigators in church yesterday, including another new guy who came in just because he was intested. The church is incredible so it definately draws the attention of those that come through town! This last weekend also, it was incredible how many greengos came through town, saturday night the park was filled with drunks and lots of white people, but during the day I was able to talk to a couple of them and amazingly they had never heard of the church until we said THE MORMONS, everyone knows us by that name, and its hardly ever good things, so its been tough! I contacted one guy in a souveneir store that was from Texas and had married a Honduran lady but has had a house in Teguc for 9 years now but he had a business partner who is LDS, has 12 kids, and 6 Returned missionaries, and is a return missionary himself from a spanish speaking missionary, but the guy that I talked to wanted nothing to do with me, he told me he had read the Book of Mormon so I asked him what he thought, and he said it was all lies and tried to explain to me that some Joseph Smith couldnt have gone back in time and lived with the Ancient Indians and then wrote the book.... oh dear! I told him basically that thats not right, just had some of his facts mixed up and so i cleared everything up and by the end he wanted to talk with me a whole lot more. He lived in Teguc so I took a reference. It was amazing how HARD it was to teach him in English, Im already forgetting all the important gospel vocabulary words in english! I never thought I would be able to share the gospel in English here in Honduras as much as I have but theres lots of greengos that come through. Its been fun!
So its been getting kinda cold where were at up in the mountains and since I sent my blanket home in the MTC i had to buy me one here because I was freezin my butt off at nights. It was tough though going through the souvenier stores looking for a blanket and not wanting to buy all the other legit Honduran stuff. Theres so many things that I wanna buy but just wouldnt do me any good.
Well I dont have much more time, or much more to say other then everything is going really good. I love my new area and my testimony is getting bigger every day! I know that God lives, and loves each and everyone of us! This is the true church!

Love you all so much!!

Love Elder Gardner