Monday, February 13, 2012

4 baptisms!!

Hey fam,

Ah well this week was a whole lot better and even though we were super busy and hardly got to work much in our own area we got to do a lot of divisions and I got to meet almost all the areas in the zone but wow... the hardest thing about this zone is how far spead apart all the areas are. It made it nearly impossible to work in our area at all this week.
The week started off super busy with all kinds of problems that we had in the zone, service project, companionships that dont get along and emergency divisiones... I cant believe all the things that happened this week. In the end it was really good.

We ended up having 4 baptisms as you can see in the photos of these really awesome kids. 3 of them are from one family and the parents are members, married and baptized by the missionaries but have been inactive for over 5 years and we found them and they wanted us to baptize there kids. Then the littlest one is the neighbor of more inactive members and she is almost nine and has a brother on the mission but she wasnt quite 8 by the time he left and they had been inactive since he left but now they are goin really good. In fact since we started teaching all these kids... we have gotten 2 references of families that live there close. Everytime we would go over there to teach them there was always at least 15 kids there all sitting in the dirt listening to us cuz they love just staring at greengos... thats the way i see it anyways.

Elder Guillen and I are getting to know each other really well now... he is a convert.. he was the first one baptized in his family at 11 years old and now about 6 months ago his parents got married and baptized and he is super stoked to be able to get sealed with them when he gets home in the brand new El Salvador temple that they just dedicated in August... in fact the open house was a big part of the conversion of them as well as many others im sure. Hes super fun to be around and even though he likes flirting with the good lookin sister missionaries.. hes a good guy. Im really learning to love him.

I hope you all are doing great and I wish I could tell you i dont think about how much time I have left... every day.. but id be a liar. I love the mission and it still hasnt hit me mentally that my time really is winding down. I think about the changes i have made and the person I have become and as I ready my journal entires from this time last year and even from when I started here in honduras just over 20 months ago here in honduras and wow its the most entertaining book ive ever read. I translate it to my comp and we just laugh at the way we though and wrote back in the day since I only have 6 weeks more then him and we came here to the mission at the same time... its been really fun to just sit back and laugh at the good times from one year ago right now when we were in the same zone.

I gotta go but I love you all sooo much... im sorry ive been such a horrible actual letter writer but all my envelopes sealed from the humidity here but ill buy some new ones and see If they make it home before I do whahahahahhaha

Love Your missionary
Elder Gardner

PS um dont go off thinkin im baggy and all but just a cool fact... tomorrow i dont only complete 22 months here in the mission but on wednesday... the missionary that will replace me in the field goes into the MTC... 9 weeks baby!!!