Thursday, April 12, 2012

Single digits!!!

Hey fam,

I dont know where to start. I was trying to decide what it is that I really want to tell you all in the little time that I have! First of all... well I cant belive that my time is running down quicker then I want it to really cuz weve had some sudden problems with the marriage and baptisms that we are wanting to have this weekend. Its been a good week really even though it was hard with all the wickedness that was going on here since were soo close to the ocean here but we survived it. GET THIS!! Tuesday we went to Tegucigalpa for our beginning of the month Zone Leader meeting with president and the assistants and not even 30 minutes after we arrived there and this mad rainstorm came in and in the first time in A LONG time we saw HAIL!! I would send you all pictues of it but you will see them all soon, I just cleaned my memories cuz they were infected but anyways... that was super crazy and I couldnt believe it when we were in the Taxi and all the sudden Hail falls from the skies!!

So yeah after lots of work with our golden family this week... we all the sudden have probelms with Lilian´s mom. She hates the church and everything about it and since Lilian isnt quite 21 years old... until the 29th of this month... it means that in Honduras she is UNDERAGE and in order to get married she has to have permission from her mom to get married but her mom had told her that she wouldnt sign the paper cuz she thinks marriage is stupid and that there is no such thing as a faithful husband or man and that the church doesnt teach anything about families and thats why people in the church just get baptized and leave the church right after. Believe me... that was not good news. So in the moment that her mom told her no... we went over to her house to try to break the ice with her and see what we could do. She pulled everything out on us and when I nearly got in tears in silence cuz I didnt want to beleve what was just happened that all this hard work and waiting to be able to marry and baptize a family on the day that I complete 2 years in the mission. Well in that moment of silience... she said "Fine i will think about it" and we told her to not just think, but to pray about it. We were hoping to see her before coming to write you guys but when we went over there no one was home so its still a 50 50 chance that we would marry and baptize them this weekend. I just hope that my ferverant prayers will get answered and that the lord will humble her and so that she can go to the wedding and sign the simple peace of paper. Help us out in your prayers so that we can do this, this weekend!! Were gonna need it!

Thats about the only thing on my mind right now but other then the talk that I was called on to give yesterday in church on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, it was a good weekend. Those may have been my last words to the branch here unless they give a minute next week on my last sunday. I was plannin on just writing next week that I would just see you all on thursday but Im sure I will have alot to say!!

Sad to say that I think its gonna have to wait till then!
Its extrememely hot right now and I gotta go so see what Lilians mom says!! Wish us luck!!

Love you all so much!!

Elder Gardner

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Long awaited week

Hey fam,

As I have been taking about the past while as the hottest and most sinful week in Honduras is here, The Holy Week (Semana Santa) where everything goes down and when supposidly it gets hotter then any other time of the year. I guess the good thing is that we wont have to be here in San Lorenzo for the majority of the beginning of the week, we have to go Tegucigalpa tomorrow and come back late wednesday night for a Zone Leader Council and verification that we have to do this week. This is my second to last full week in the mission and its gonna fly right by me. The bad thing is that our golden family wont be getting married and baptized until next week cuz after wednesday this entire country just shuts down. So turns out they will be married and baptized on the same day that i complete 2 years since I saw my family. Its gonna be a really good LAST WEEKEND to say the least. Exactly what I long awaited but yeah were gonna need your help in your prayers so that nothing bad happens.

This has been a pretty fast week and long awaited weekend. I loved General Conference except for the fact that for the preistood session when I was excited to listen and think back to my last weekend with Dad and my brothers 2 years ago... well for some reason we werent able to get the satalite signal and we didnt get to watch any of it. That was pretty disapointing, we only got to watch the last couple words of the prophet on the internet but that was it. Ill have to wait till i get home I guess to watch what was taught!
I sure did eat a whole lot more then I most likely would have at home. General Conference in the mission seems to be a whole lot more long awaited here then anywhere else. I got good notes and loved everything about it!

This could be my second to last email cuz i dont im gonna say much that last monday before I leave. Im having problems with my memory card as well and thats why I havent sent any pics lately and im not sure what happened but im gonna get it fixed.

I love you all and cant wait to see you all again.. each monday is just one more closer. Now just 2 more!

Until next weeek!

Love Elder Gardner