Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AHHH He made it!!

Hey Fam,
You guys have no idea how much I have been just DYING to find out that everything went well and that Noel made it. I think I'm done crying now after seeing all those pics, I could hardly even sleep the past two nights. I cant believe this is all happening!! Please tell him how much I love him, and miss him already. Take lots of pics and just spoil he crap out of him the next two days or whatever that he has. I LOVE my family sooooo much. You guys are the best ever. Noel has just been sooo excited to see you guys as I'm sure you've been able to see. Tears just busted out of my eyes as I was eagerly waiting for my email to finally open and I saw those pics. Ugh I just lost it. I'm done now though!
Fam this has been one heck of a week. I cant believe its already over, we started the week anxious to be able to see General Conference this weekend and then I get the news that we got on friday and I lost it. Ever since that moment on friday morning, iv been waiting for this moment right now. To see Noel with all of you!! Conference was awesome, and even though my mind was in a lot of other things, I learned a lot and got a lot of answers from my prayers as im sure as a lot of you guys did too. I just love this church sooo much, and it got a huge energy boost as me and Elder Nielsen just stayed at the church in our own little room watching the satelite transmission in english, and staying for everything, the world report and everything. It truly is just a manifestation of the great and marvelous work that me and now Noel have a chance to be a part of.
Just before the priestood session on saturday me and my comp and a couple other greengos that wanted to blow a little hole in their pocket we all went to Chilis here close to the chapel, and even though my meal was only 12 bucks, its a lot in the form of 220 Limps, and on top of that for the missionary budget.
This week was one heck of one too as well. We weren't expecting much out of it to be honest cuz of Conference and how hard it is to get people to travel to get to a chapel to watch it. Regardless we found 5 new investigators this week and challenged them all to baptism. We went from having 1 person with a baptismal date... to 7 from just last week. We found a father and his 23 year old daughter who came from up north not too long ago, had never heard anything about the church, and when we found them, they were just ready from the get go. Even though they only got there for the final words of the prophet on sunday morning... they made it and they are still set to get baptized on the 22nd. This mans wife, and the rest of his family, of 5...they will be here in December and they are married... MIRACLE!!!! We hope to eventually get his whole family in the water later on. The members have just helped us soooo much this week with teaching and supporting our investigators. We have one other family with the baptismal dates for the 22nd as well, so if the lord can help us this month, it will be an amazing month. Just in this week believe it or not... from nothing... to something.
I have a lot more to read and right but ugh you have no idea how HAPPY i am right now... and i dont know how to express it to you. I love this church and everything about it, the tender mercies of the lord are just pouring out upon us right now, on top of that one of my best friends ever... a convert of not even a year and a half... now with my family, seeing temples and im sure just exploring and seeing all over Utah. I love this church, the mission, and everything that comes with it in this great and marvelous package!!!!
I love you all!
Until Next Week!!!
Remember lots of pics with Noel, and SPOIL him. hahahah
Love Elder Gardner