Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gift of Tongues in Action

Hola mi Familia!!
Let me just first of all tell you what I am greatful for! haha I have never been so greatful in my life to be learning spanish! On our floor where our classroom is are all the cantonese, korean, and Japanese speakers! Oh my... I am so greatful and happy about my calling and that I am learning spanish! Im not sure if they do that for a reason, being that it gives the Spanish speakers a boost of confidence you could say! Wow i sure do give them all the credit in the world though.. not only for learning those languages but for stayin here for 12 weeks or more! Dang! Dont get me wrong I love it here and its fun learning spanish it really is but I thank our Father in Heaven every day for my calling!
Just more of an update about how this week went... I finally broke 200lbs haha. 204 actually. Im not sure if its someithing to be proud of or not here in the MTC but for me it is! I have weighed between 185 and 195 for the past year or more! Anyways I guess thats what sitting in a classroom for 8-10 hrs a day and eating "massive" ammounts of food (Cmon you know me)! Its seriously is such a good experiece being here! I cant believe i've been here three weeks already! It seems like just yesterday I was sending the last email!
Anyways um we had our fast sunday and I was able to completely bare my testimony in Spanish, I got up not knowing at all what I was going to say but let me just tell you of the power of the gift of tongues that I have been blessed with! Everyone else that had gone before me had been here for 6-8 weeks already but ya know theres nothing you have to loose here in the MTC so I did it and its like all the things, words, and sayings that I have been learning just came back to me as I got up there! It was a really good experience though, and probably the first time in the past year that I have bore my testimony and not balled my eyes out! It must have something to do with the fact I was trying the whole time to translast what I would normally say in english! It was good too! Elder Price went right after me and for as much as he thinks he doesnt know... he did really good! I was able to understand for the first time everything that everyone was saying! It was awesome!
Me and Elder Price gave the lesson in our District meeting this week on Prayer! What is it with me and giving talks or lessons on Prayer? I agree that if my testimony is strong in one area especially it would be in prayer because I know for a fact he hears and answers our prayers! Maybe thats why and it did go really well suprisingly! Since we realized an hour or two before that we were called to give the lesson! Were getting better and better and winging things like that though as a companionship though!
The days are getting faster and faster now... they literally are just blening in now! Having wednesday be our P-day is definately the best day to have it! Right in the middle of the week really helps the weeks fly by! Oh and about the last email when I got the door for Elder L. Tom Perry... no I did not get to shake his hand! I wish!! This weeks devotional was just a 70! I guess we cant have that good of luck to have two apostles right after each other! Rumor has it though that Elder Bednar will be coming before we leave! Im looking forward to that!
Not much more has happened this week, its hard to update you on things here when we do the same exact things every week! I am learning a lot though and its only getting easier it seems! 
I love you all! Thanks for the support!
Gotta go now! But it will be wednesday again before you know it!
Muah muah muah!
Love Elder Gardner!!!

Colton's District

Honduras t-shirts it says on the bottom "My dear Home" in Spanish

MTC companion, Elder Price, from Shelley, Idaho