Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Years

Hey fam!!

Well its been another week of just eating more then we wanted to and listening to a lot of firecrackers. We got to work a whole lot more this week though but we took a lot of time trying to help the members and other people to put goals for 2012 and meanwhile working on my own. It was weird thinkin that I needed to put goals for what I wanna do when I get home as well. Now that my FULL YEAR in the mission is now over and now im just in the last little bit. I know I have a lot more to do but as I looked at the goals that I had put last year...well I didnt do very good. Im gonna do a lot better on them this year though.
This weekend was really good though, we found quite a few new people and challenged 2 of them for baptism and despite the fact they were going out of town for new years... they accepted.. so in this week we will see how that turns out. We expected not a lot of people to show up to church on sunday since its the first day of the year... and since we had no one to go pick up we got here at 5 till 9 and there was NO ONE... just the bishop, and another really faithful couple that are ALWAYS there. That was kinda tough to see but even we were pretty tired sunday morning cuz we didnt get to bed till about 1ish cuz of all the firecracker and knowing that it wouldnt be worth it to try to go to bed early cuz of all the people in the streets. The only excited thing we could watch was the clock on our cell phone turn over haha
We dont have any baptisms coming up for a while cuz these past two weeks have been hard to get people to church...even the members are getting there late... or showing up late! Everyone wanted us to come over and eat their food but no one wanted to show some dicipline and be there early... whatever!
We were fed very well though... dont worry about us starving here!!

I dont have much time though, today for P-day we went to the waterfalls in my 2nd area and heres some pics.

I love you all!!
Thanks for the packages everyone... im working on getting you all letters so just wait for those!!

Elder Gardner