Saturday, January 14, 2012

Me and Elder Cac

Wow! under 100 days

Hey Fam,
Well I might have made the mistake to read moms letter about everything that happened this weekend before writing this email cuz im a little distracted and im not sure what to think. I guess I can just trust that everything is fine and that I shouldnt worry. Ill do my best.
Um this week was somthing else... i know its been a while since ive writen you guys a spiritual experience or something cool that has happened. Im sorry about that... they just havent been coming recently but I think it was just the lord testing my patience especially. In this week he decided to send me one of his tender mercies though... maybe it was for conincidence that all these crazy things happened this weekend at the same time that we, here in honduras, were able to have something a little better to say.
Last week for the first time one of the families in the ward took a friend of thiers to church. He was born here but has been in Texas for the past 20 years. We got to meet him at church after having NO ONE to take to church and thinking that once again we werent gonna have anyone in church... well this family did thier part and took him to church with them... He loved it. He hadnt heard anything about the church as he as in there in Texas and obviously came here to learn about it. We talked a lot about the book of mormon in church and he was really interested. The family gave him a book of mormon and this whole past week he took it with him and started reading. One day he was with a friend reading the book in central park here in Tegus and they took a pic of him and the Book of Mormon had this incredible light shining from it in the picture, he showed it to us and it was pretty incredible. He took it as a sign that this book has something for him. We got to teach him just one time in this week but he went to church again... all by himself. Yesterdya after church we taught him about Joseph Smith and how the church was restored and with the video and just after he accepted a baptismal date for the 21st. We got on line as well and looked up his house in Texas just to find the closest church to his house and sure enough there are 7 churches within 10 minutes of his house and he was amazing and got really happy cuz he told us he can see and has felt the love that we have for him and thats why, he said, that he wants to be baptized and become part of the family. Really cool experience that we had!! The lord kinda just through that at us after a very trying week... it would take me hours to write all the crappy things that has happened with us, but you only wanna know the good stuff anyways!!
Me testimony was definately renewed this weekend after fighting so hard to find people and then the lord thows him at us from the no where and no if everything goes well ill have a baptism before leaving this area.
I love you guys... um ill for sure be praying a lot this week and working super hard so that everything gets better!
Tell dad how much I love him and a hug from me too.. please!!
Love your missionary
Elder Gardner