Wednesday, May 26, 2010

18 days left!!!

Hola Familia Gardner,
Ok so sorry about the emai last week, I know it was pretty lame! I had forgotten my email notes that I took of things that I wanted to say in the room. I forgot to tell you that me and Elder Price got called as Zone Leaders last week and then immediately got a new district of 11 elders! 3 headed to Peru and the rest to Mexico! They are all so awesome! So last thursday me and Elder Price did the whole tour and what not for the new elders and sundays are now our busiest days because of all the meetings! Every sunday we have to write a 3-5 min talk in spanish and now I dont know when im ever going to have time to do it!!
Anyways so the TRC went soooo good suprisingly! We didnt end up teaching the lady from Honduras but it did go really well! I think we got it down now and I feel really comfortable teaching the first lesson in spanish now! I just love spanish sooo much! Seriously!
So we just keep getting luckier and luckier.. last night for the Devotional we had Elder D. Todd Christopherson come and talk to us! He is a amazing, he served his mission in Argentina so he translates and records all his talks in spanish so we got the chance to listen to his last talk this conference in spanish and I felf pretty good as far as being able to understand what he said!
Im pretty sure I dont know how to say prayers in English anymore, I got asked in a meeting on sunday to give the prayer in english and I seriously had to think about what to say because I havent said a english prayer since the first week literally! Its awesome! The most commonly used words in my prayers have been confianza(Confidence) y Del don de lengua(The Gift of Tounges). I have felt the lords blessings just pour out upon me and I just love being here so much!
Get this... I can officially say that I get my FLIGHT PLANS next week! Next thursday, so a week from tomorrow we get our flight plans and then we are outtta here in 18 days!! I cant believe it! Yesterday we had a teacher that served in out mission come in and talk to us and almost braught us all to tears with the testimony and love that he shared with us about the people there! He showed us all kinds of stuff that he brought home and I cant even describe my EXCITEMENT that I have! Its Impossible! AHHH so stoked!
Now unluckily for us, you could say, tonight in the TRC we are teaching the 1st lesson again but to an investigator that doesnt believe in God! Ha im not sure how thats going to go but I guess we will just see! Now the Teacher we talked to that went to Honduras said that its very rare that you will run into someone who does not believe in God just because of the outstanding faith that they have!! All we are going to be doing is just basically showing them where to put that faith and sharing with them our message and we will be baptizing like crazy! Reguadless just wish us luck in the TRC tonight I guess and Ill be sure to let you know how it goes!
I know this church is true because I have felt the sprit of the Lord confirm that to me in my heart sooo strongly! I could never deny it! You all know that I am pretty emotional when it comes to talking about the church and my testimony but I havent been that way all the way until now! I have been searching, pondering, and praying about my personal scripture study in the Book of Mormon and I have had that spirit change my heart for good! Theres no doubt this church is true! I know its only been 6 weeks and my testimony and love for the people of Honduras and for this church hasnt even really begun yet but that is my growing testimony! ITS TRUE!!

I love you all so much!
Thanks for all the support! It means the world to me!!
Love Elder Gardner!