Thursday, October 28, 2010

City of Angels

Hey Fam,

Well the changes were hard, a lot harder then i thought they would be, sayin the good byes to all the members and investigators there in Sabanagrande was really tough. We set out tuesday, our last day of the change together with me and Elder Broderick and went to go visit first of all with all the members and one after another we had the farewell talk and the ones I never expected would cry, cried and ya I think I learned a little more about what the mission is really like and how hard it can be! I gave a farewell, or Persever to the end, talk and then we left but we ended up being 6 for 7 as far as putting everyone in tears! When we got home I was havin a hard time and realized how much i really would love to stay in Sabanagrande but sure enough the phone call came tuesday night and I had changes, and here I am in my new area called Valle de Angeles! I had only heard of this area before because it is just gorgeous and really touristical, but I had no idea. I thought Sabanagrande was green, well this is in the other side of the woods, litteraly. When we leave Teguc to go back to Sabana we head south, to go to Valley of Angels we go north and way up in the mountains! I dont think you guys would believe how beautiful it is driving up the mountains of Honduras, I love it! When I first got there, with my companion Elder Reyes, from El Salvador, we passed the sign that says Welcome and mentions that its a very touristical area, and every weekend supposedly we get lots of gringos, or americans that come though to visit! I only met one group of them as they were eating dinner out side in one of the restraunts there in the pueblo and they all pointed and said hey, thats a greengo! Obviously its not worth it for me to try to teach or share much with them because my comp doesnt understand any English and they were a bit drunk, but this is apparently the life in Valley of Angels.
Something I didnt think I would ever see is the kind of house that we have. Our house is like a little luxury house, beleive it or not we have hot showers and running water 24/7! I cant even tell you how excited I was to hear that! The owner of the house is from the states, grew up here and everything, but married a Peruvian and moved to the states. Just with my luck I got to know her my first days here as she was here vacationing. She and her husband both graduated from BYU and now live in Texas/Honduras. She taught english and pretty much speaks it perfectly. Her husband is actually a Real Estate Agent in Texas, I havent had the chance to meet him yet but I got to talk to here about Real Estate for a bit, in English even. That was nice! Shes a really sweet lady and appartently makes us amazing breakfast if she is ever there staying in the house by us. They have a couple houses here in Honduras and go back and forth! 
So the Valley of Angels, is most likely where ill be for Christmas and im super stoked about that because its so beautiful here, theres quite a bit more members here then in Sabana and im excited to see what they will do for the missionaries for christmas. Weve already gotten one invite for dinner sometime around Christmas. Its really just sneakin up on me, I cant believe its already almost November! The actual church building here is incredible, its only a couple years old and huge! For only 87 people on average that show up for church, and what we had yesterday, thats not too bad! Church was interesting for the first time here, first of all because we didnt have to teach in any of the hours because theres members who actually have callings here, and the members actually offer us help here! In Sabanagrande me and Broderick taught 2nd and 3rd hour, Seminary, Institute, and English, but here we dont have to do anything sundays other then just make sure our investigators show up! I love it here to say the least! Oh and here there are tons of Souvenier stores with hammocks, and all kinds of cool legit Honduras things, its hard for me to walk by all these places because obviously im a greengo and they have way cool stuff. But maybe eventually Ill be able to return near the end of my mission and get some cool stuff!
But anyways...I dont have much time today but this is a quick update about the area where Im at now and I want you all to know that I love it here!!

I love you all!