Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mango Season!!

Hey Fam and Friends!!

Alright well first of all I know im writing you on Tuesday but its just because yesterday we had no time at all to write before we had to catch the bus back to our area at 5 so I got permission to use it today! It was good to see a bunch of Happy Valentines Day emails though, here they call it Day of Love and Friendship but its the same type of celebrations, everyone takes their loved one out to lunch, suprisingly though the only nice place to take someone out in Choluteca is to Pizza Hut and thats where we decided to go yesterday for lunch too so it was super packed but wow American food is just the best!!
As far as un update for the week is that we didnt have any baptisms but we´ve kept working really hard. Its just the marriages that are still holding us up! Right now in Honduras is MANGO SEASON... I cant even tell you how many mangos I have eaten this week but I think they are my new favorite fruit and we have them in abundance!! I had my first ripe and mature one this week and ever since then I have just been eating them like crazy! Our whole area is just covered in Mango Trees so weve been living off of them! Before this area I dont know if iv ever had mango in my life. They are soooo dang good though!
Me and my kid have been getting along better and better every day this week, having really good studies and learning a ton! Were starting to get really close with the members which is always good because they just always wanna give us food when we show up! I dont think we payed for food once this week, thats the joy of being a missionary! Me and Elder Lopez have just been working really hard with the members and getting friendships so that they can help us more and more! We got 5 new investigators just from references from the members, I know its not a lot but its better then nothing that we´ve had these past 5 weeks!
This Sunday for once was a whole lot better then before, I only gave one talk and taught one lesson because I got the relief society president to prepare and teach the lesson and I told her Id be there to help her but she was just super amazing. She did a lot better then she thought she could! I was so proud of her and a couple other members this week cuz they are finally magnifying their callings which has been great!
There wasnt much that happened this week that was super exciting but I want you all to know my testimony continues growing each day! This is the true church and I love each and everyone of you all that are out there supporting me and praying for me. Im praying for each one of you and love you all so much!! I challenge each and everyone of you to study more of the Atonement of Jesus Christ this week as I have and will do. Sometimes we forget about the importance of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives. Its what I talked about this sunday and I challenged all the members to study more about it and apply it in their lives, so I do the same with each one of you who read this!! I know he really did blead from each pore for the sins, sicknesses, and trials that we have had, have, and will have in our lives! Let us not forget that ever!!!!!

I love you all! Take care!

Love Elder Gardner