Monday, April 11, 2011

New Companion, Elder Martinson


Well in the end things didnt happen as I thought they were because the mission just seems to keep everyone on their toes in changing everthing up and making things interesting. Since Monday afternoon after I had already sent the email home, until tuesday morning when we got the call I just had to convince myself that If I stay im gonna be happy and just work super hard! Sure enough tuesday morning we get the call that Elder Lopez had changes so we got ready and he went out saying by to everyone because that same day we had to head into monjaras so that everyone was ready for the bus in the morning at 5 that goes to Teguc to take all the missionaries that have changes. Elder Lopez didnt have a camera so I told him I wanted to let him have all the memories from this change so he bought a memory and I passed him all of the pictures. He wasnt very good with goodbyes but had to learn the hard way what they are like. Neither of us were sure this whole last change who was gonna go so it was hard to say goodbye during the last week.
Elder Lopez got sent to Teguc in the same zone where I started my mission with another elder that started the mission with me. Now the exciting part that I was waiting for was who I was gonna get and they didnt tell us who I was gonna get till tuesday night. I got an Elder Martinson, he is from Centerville UT, so I got me another greengo to go about the next 6 weeks with. I got to know him when I was in Valle de Angeles cuz he was in the same zone. Im his first greengo companion in the mission and hes got just one change less then me. Me and him were super excited to hear that we were gonna be companions and on Wednesday when we finally got together and went straight out to the area it was awesome. The Zone Leaders got us really pumped up on just opening our mouths as much as possible. At first I didnt tell him anything bad about the area, and just that we were gonna go to work and just baptize like crazy. He has been really helping me keep my energy and enthusiasm up so that we can just go crazy finding people. All this week we worked super hard and actually found 3 completely new families and couples, we just have to marry them, but we have challenges 3 people for baptism too. Im really excited about this change, Elder Martinson doesn't know much Spanish but hes gonna get a lot better this change. Im trying to get him to talk to more people because I LOVE talking to people and becoming really close with them in the first impression. Winning Friends, and Influencing People!!
Something awesome though, was that we had 4 people from BuenaVista go the temple this past week in the Temple excursion to Guatemala, the closest one for right now, its a 16 hour bus ride. We had 3 go for the first time and two went to be sealed for time and all eternity. They all got home saturday night but when I saw them walk in to the church yesterday morning, the husband with that Celestial Smile around his neck if you know what I mean... I had never felt so happy and emotional in my life. To see a couple walking in just still on that spiritual high from the temple, the same couple that just 3 weeks ago told us they didnt have the money, time, and just didnt wanna go. Well we taught them about the temples and he was able to get the time off of work. Sunday was of the testimonies and as I bore my testimony and told them I wanted to hear theirs...with tears running down both of thier faces, as they stood side by side with a love that the entire room could feel. They brought me to tears for the first time in a long time it feels like. Tears of just pure happiness, as he came down from behind the stand I stood up and he just knew that I wanted a hug from him and as I hugged him just knowing that he finally does have that UNSHAKABLE testimony that he has needed for so long. The wife was always a very serious lady and definitely wore the pants in the relationship but when I look at her now, I see someone with a heart that has been softened to the core and I know that that is the power that the house of the lord has, and the effect it makes in the lives of the people. Just from seeing that couple go to get sealed, I will do everything I can to NEVER take for granted the fact that we have the blessing of having temples so clost to us. I plead those of you who have not gone to the temple, or for those who have, that arent going enough! GOOOOO! Dont take for granted the blessings you have. These people nearly payed a weeks salary and traveled 16 hours in an uncomfortable bus without air conditioning. COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSING, AND NAME THEM ONE BY ONE!! I miss the temple more then any of you can even imagine!!
I dont have much more to say, we may have another baptism this Saturday and were gonna have to really pray and push these 3 couples that we have to get married and then baptized. Youll all have to wish us luck and keep us in your prayers. I love you all soo much, I have such a strong testimony of the power and difference that temples have in the lives of people, and especially in the lives of these people! I always end up writing more then I wanted to but i know these are things I needed to share with you all!!

Love you all!!!

Elder Gardner