Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The last day with my trainer

on our last day together they hiked to the top of there area for these photoes

My New Companion elder Broderick from Page Arizona area

We are comps in Sabannagrande

Monday, August 23, 2010

A day with the President

Hola Familia y Amigos!
Well today I only have time to write one email because we just barely got back to our area, have dinner in just a bit and have other things that me and Elder Broderick need to do tonight. These P Days just go by way too fast. Today though I had Hijos de Heleman though, and thats where all the missionaries that came at the same time get together sometime usually in your second change and we all went up with President and his wife to see the Giant Statue of Jesus Christ and this big park thats up there just to go take pictures and what now so that was fun and I did get some good pictures. Afterwards we all went and had lunch on President of course and we all got Porpusas, just these really good tortilla and chicken, and cheese lookin things and wow that was just delicious! I got to see the other Greengos that I came with, Elder Carter and Belnap again, and they have been in the south where its just hotter then hot all the time and both of them have lost so much weight... wow! Iv pretty much stayed the same, if not just lost muscle weight but oh well! It was fun to see all them again!
So this last week we were supposed to have divisiones with our Zone leaders and have one come out to the area with me and the other go work another area with Elder Broderick... well the morning that we went to Teguc to go pick them up to head back out to SabanaGrande the Teachers had just started a giant March... just thousands of teachers and they were of course blocking all of the Roads and doing all kind of stupid things to cause attention and so we were stuck in Teguc for a day but it was good to go and work in the area of the Zone Leaders again with Elder Urbina, from Honduras, a 26 year old Convert... hes a really hard worker and I just loved working with him, its just really tough though because they have so much success there in the city, and the members are just soooo helpful for them, they NEVER contact, they just go to a Members house and get like 10 new families to teach... it was so incredible for me to see that! The members here in our area unfortunately know the attitude and have the attitude of everyone else here in SabanaGrande and truethfully they dont want to affend their friends, or something to that affect and so they never help us... it also doesnt help that we only have 18 or 19 total at church every sunday and hardly anyone in the church to recieve the Santa Cena, Sacrament! 
Anyways the mission is so great! I know the lord has put me here in this area as a trial of my faith thats for sure. But Im hangin in there and I KNOW that we are doing what we need to do, its just the people here dont want to hear it, or already have their own judgements about the church and will refuse to listen. Reguadless... we were called her to TEACH and thats exactly what we are doing, or trying all we can to do! 
So an update on Laura too... she is reading the Liahona, or the Ensign and I gave her the General Conference Ensign and she just loves it... cuz obviously this last one really focussed on the mothers and parents and she is just so amazed because she is starting to see the big picture of our chuch! Its been such a blessing to see her grow.. but we are still just stuck in the mud with her becasue we never get to talk to her husband and she hasnt had any success talking with him about marriage! But we still make the hike every other day and she is starting to make us and give us food now so its even better! I just have gained such a love for her and her spirit, It just makes me so sad that we cant move forward, cuz she really is MORE then ready! 
Thats about it... and I gotta run now but ugh I love the mission so much, trust me when I say that and know that I love you all so much and pray for you every single day! Truthfully! The lord truely is teaching me a hard but very humbling lesson right now but im so greatful that I have this chance to be here! Ah I love this church! 
Until next week! Cuidense todos!
les quierro!
Love Elder Gardner
PS sorry no photos, I have so many I want to send but dont have time!