Monday, October 24, 2011


The Lords Tender Mercies

Hey Fam,

Ugh I gotta lot to tell you all. This week has been something else and ive been just dying to be able to tell you all.
I wanna start by telling you all about our baptism Hosman Huete Moncada... who we found about 7 or 8 weeks ago. We have seen nothing but the miracles of the lord working on him in the past nearly 2 months. When we found Hosman he had no job and as a welder... its been really hard for him to get a job. He was contacted one night back in the beginning of September and 2 weeks after that night when we were finally able to teach them a lesson. That same night we challenged him and his wife to baptism on the 22nd of October... well that day finally came. It wasnt as easy as that though. As he fought with trying to find a job... him and especially his wife fought with doubts. There was one time when he asked us to pray for him because the situation of him and his wife economicaly was really really bad. That day we did a fast so that he could find a job. It wasnt even 3 days later that a buddy of his had called him and said he had a contracted job to do with the MORMONS!!. He wasnt sure what to think when in just the first couple days he was just welding a buch of railings for a parking lot. He called us 2 weeks ago when he was litteraly on the Temple Site working... little did he know he was working on a Temple of the Lord when they called him. As a welder they actually gave him a job clear up on nearly the top of the temple welding huge windows in their place. He actually called us on tuesday while he was up ON THE TEMPLE asking what the other buldings are right next to the temple (the stake center, and visitors center, and guest house). When he told us that about a week ago... we couldnt believe it. We couldnt belive that not only did he get a job to be able to let him maintain his family.. but he is working in a place that members who are also struggling would die to work there. On thursday this week before his baptism he gave one of the most sincire closing prayers ive ever heard as he gave thanks to the lord for sending us to his house, for giving him a job in his holy house, and was PLEADING in prayer after a very spiritual lesson on Finding Faith in Christ (mostly for his wife) that his wife could come to know that these things are true!! The baptismal service was really spiritual as all of the leaders showed up and supported him soooo well. We were worried that his wife Yasmin wasnt gonna show up cuz she showed up way late and alone with thier little daughter. If she wouldnt have showed up we would have died cuz that baptismal service was just incredible. Especially his testimony afterwards, as he shared with all the members and his wife of the miracles that the lord has thrown at him in the past weeks. Nearly in tears he bore his testimony to his cute wife and daughter that he knew these things were true... cuz if not.. the lord would have never blessed him in the way that he has.
Hosman has really helped me get, realize, and see again how the the lord works with the CHOSEN. He has had soo many trials in the past while in his life that if I would have had to pass them... i dont know what I would have done.
I felt the spirit over and over again in this weekend, I wish you could have all been here to see the things that happened this weekend. Hosmans wife now has the baptismal date for the 12th of November and we hope that she can get over the doubts about the book of mormon. I felt that when we watched The Testiments last night with thier family it helped her see the importance. It was a really good lesson!!

I love you all soooo much! I always wish I had more time but keep Yasmin and Hosman in your prayers.. they are gonna need your help!!

Your missionary
Elder Gardner