Friday, July 1, 2011

overlooking Honduras

Trying to get families in the Water

Hey Fam,
Ugh wow... well I just got done looking at all of the pictures from the family reuntion all of you guys just had and um... well I forgot completely what ive done all week. Nah I am just absolutely astonished at how much everyone has changed the past 15 months. Some of you I didnt even recognize until I looked at the individual family pictures. I cant beleive it.. im still in awhhh!
This week was good though, really short and once agian we have arived at changes again. We were hoping the have a marriage and baptism for this last weekend but we had to postpone it because after we had everything gathered and ready to turn it in for this couple, they told us that the parents couldnt be the witnesses for the wedding. So we had to wait until a couple days more but now we have the marriage set for the 8th and the batpism of the mom and son on the 9th. Elder Wasden is pretty bummed cuz he may be leaving the area this change and ill most likely be getting another one, hopefully someone who is gonna be able to work with me. We are teaching about 4 families right now but only one is progressing towards baptism right now.
I still love this area to death though, the members are awesome, but this sunday was a bit of a let down cuz it rained all day, night and morning until sunday and so when we got to the church there was only 15 or so people there, and MUD EVERYWHERE cuz its just a dirt road that goes up to the church so its was pretty bad. This was the first sunday ever that we didnt have any one to go get becasue the family Martinez that we got there last week, werent able to come cuz he had a test in the University. It was super weird not having anyone to take to church. By the end there were 90 that showed up to church.
I didnt even realize that the USA soccer team was in the finals of what is called the Gold cup until the day of and then when we lost to Mexico, all the Hondurans were mad cuz Mexico supposidly in the game before had beat Honduras and all the Hondurans were rootin for USA cuz no one here likes Mexico. We got sick of all the drunk Hondurans, and the teenagers just yelling stupid things at us all the time just cuz of soccer. Thats the life though during championship season.
I dont have much more time now, and not much else happened. Were still working really hard, just tryin to get these other families in the water. Were gonna need your help and prayers so that we can get this Family Martinez in the water, they are just of Gold!!
Anyways... I love you all so much. I hope you all had fun at the Reunion, I sure do miss you guys, and watchin you guys growin up.
Love your Elder Gardner