Monday, October 11, 2010

the members that showed up for General Conference

Colton, Camilo, Noel

The Power of Conversion

Hey Fam,
Well what a week! Im now experiencing both sides of Honduras weather. The past couple weeks it had been raining non stop as you know but now as it is, we havent seen rain for over a week and a half! Its starting to get really really hot now which is good and kinda stinks at the same time but oh well.
Im having a hard time thinkin about everything that happened this week other then our baptism that we had of Camilo Mejia which your lookin at pictures of. We spent a lot of time on divisions because our District Leader had to come out to interview him but during the divisions when I was in Teguc with another elder, and Elder Broderick was there in Sabanagrande they asked Camilo who he would like to baptize him and he mentioned me because he knows im going to be leaving soon and me and him had just really hit it off as good buddies since the day we met him. So that was a cool experience for me to hear that he wanted me to baptize him. Saturday was obviously the day of the baptism and we had spent all day friday and saturday morning visiting with the members and inviting everyone to the baptism and what you see in the picture is all that were there. I believe there was only 8 total in the whole baptismal service. Something kinda funny though about the baptism is that the clothes that we had first picked out for him when he went to try them on... they didnt fit. I had already gotten dressed in my all white so we sent Noel and Elder Broderick to go grab the bag of other clothes and luckily we had one that fit better but ah Camilo, this 62 year old humble man, with no family or friends other then us the missionaries to see him get baptized. He was soo nervous about the whole thing and just not really knowing what to expect. We started the service and me and Elder Broderick gave little talks and testimonies and then I climbed down on in for the 3rd time now into that freezing cold water and then helped him and his shaking hands down, and did the best I could just to remember his 5 names haha but no it just went exactly as planned and was an amazing service. The spirit really got to me and I could tell it really touched him in realizing how real this is!
The next day at church, yesterday, we only had 22 but Camilo showed up early and everything with his soccer jersey, tucked in, because he has no white shirt or tie, but reguadless, we gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. Every baptism I have had up to this one seems like nothing compared to his. I believe its only beause I was a part of finding him on the street, to giving him the book of mormom, to placing the baptismal date, and confiming him. Its a confirmation to me that this is the true church, that it truely does change lives, and I  CANNOT DENY the power of conversion!
I dont really have much more to say, nor time but I want this to be a testimony to all of you that this is the true church, the church of Christ! The gospel is just as alive here in Sabanagrande Honduras, as it is in the states! Maybe not as liveLY but its alive! I gain a better realization of what true love is, and its that which the Lord has for me, and for all of us. That which is found in a family. I love my family so much, and this isnt me being trunky, or baggy, whatever you wanna call it. I love my family, extended family, and all my friends and want all of you to know of my UNBREAKABLE TESTIMONY! I feel of your love and support each day!
Thank you all!
Until Next week!!
Love Elder Gardner