Monday, June 20, 2011

running home in the rain

Saying Good Bye's to mission president

Noel, finally got his sponsor to serve his mission in England

Officially one year in Honduras

Hey Fam,
I have a lot to say today and little time. This past week I completed an official year of being here in Honduras and I have started looking back in my journal of my first days here in Honduras and just laughing at myself for the funny stuff I said about my first experiences here in this country.
Um as far as just awesome news that I have for you all from this week is that the Family Martinez that we contacted about 3 weeks ago and this whole week were trying hard to work with them to be able to get them to church. At the first of the week the husband Marvin called us and told us that he may not be able to meet with us all week cuz he started taking clases in the University from 5 to 9 at night after his full time job as Manager at Burger King and he doesnt get home till nearly 9:30 and at that time we obviously have to be in the house. We were stressing about it all week cuz the only day we could see him was saturday night right before church. Saturday night right before our appt with them we called the the mission leader in the ward and said he wasnt gonna be able to go with us so we quickly called the bishop and he is just an amazing guy and completely changed his schedule to be able to go with us to meet this new family of gold that we have. As we showed up to their house there the husband was reading the Book of Mormon. Us, the bishop, and another guy in the ward. We had an amazing lesson with them and when we showed up at 8:30 in the morning yesterday they were all ready for us and to our surprise they actually have a car and they were able to drive us there. This family is a family of 4, the parents Marlin and Marvin, and a 16 year old daughter Daniella, and then Maria Jose that has 1 year and a half. The ward leaders and other members when they saw us with this new family were just stoked. All the members ran up and greeted the, gave them hugs and made them feel like at home. The 3 hours in church were just perfect. They rewarded one of the Young Women with her medallion and the 16 year old daughter thought that was just awesome and asked around about what she had to do and the mom and her were just astounded at how great the church is. We have a class of investigators and recent converts and the room is nearly too small now, we had 8 investigators in church, and 3 families. I couldnt be more happy with where im at right now in this ward, I feel like if we can just get people to go to church, they will get baptized cuz of the help and love the members have. For the first time in my mission we as missionaries got to be part of Ward Council and I felt what it was like to actually be part of something organized, it was like I was once again in the states.
Everthing is going awesome here, Were gonna have one more baptism this saturday, and hopefully this family of 4 Fam Martinez in the next couple weeks.
I love you all very much, I hope you enjoy these pics. I gotta go.
Dad Happy Fathers Day! I love you tons!
Take care, Until next week