Monday, December 12, 2011

We did it!!

Hey fam,

Well im sure your all waiting for the good news about the long awaited baptism. Well satan didnt give up till the very last second on Jasmin. This whole week weve been working on lots of paperwork for marriages and trying to keep up on the few investigators that we have. Overall it was really good though. Just so you guys have somewhat of an idea about how hard satan works against the families that we have... thursday the day before the baptismal interview Hosman (the husband of jasmin) got in a fight with her brother just 10 minutes before we got there to their house because of problems with money and hosman got scratched in the face and bit and it was just nasty. Luckily the brother had taken off and everything but Jasmin and their little daughter was in tears and it was just really bad but we were able to calm them down and eventually prepare for her interview and everything. She answered everything perfectly and after we had given her the challenge to read the book of mormon marking everytime it mentions Christ, God, Lamb, or anything that refers to Jesus Christ. On friday she was already in Jacob and showed us each page that she had marked up. Im doing it to and shes gonna catch up to me if I dont hurry up!!
So saturday comes around and in the morning we couldnt get them to answer the phone and we couldnt find them. Then all the sudden at about 12 her mom calls me and says that she is sick and cant be baptized and that we need to do it another day. I told her mom that no she is going to baptized today and that we will go and start heating up water cuz right now the water in the fonts the water is super cold. She then passed me to Jasmin and I told her to not let anything get in the way for her getting baptized cuz I think it was more the mom that was afraid of letting her get baptized. She told me that she was gonna get baptized no matter what!
She made it there and as much as we tried to heat up water and pour it in the pila it didnt do much and even though she is TERRIFIED OF WATER and for that she almost didnt even get in the font. Hardly any of the members showed up to baptism but the most important thing is that she got baptized and confirmed.

This week there are changes and I dont know if im gonna have changes or not but I guess until next week youll have to wait to know.
I love you all, thanks for your prayers in helping this family make their way into the church!!!

Elder Gardner