Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One month - can't believe it!

Hey Fam and Friends,
Well this was quite the week. Its hard to think of all the things that happen in a week when we only have an hour or so and the computers are really slow. But regardless it was a really good week and I'm seeing more and more of what its like to be a missionary here in a foreign country and as much as it is different and not necessarily what I expected... its fun. There are ALOT of bad missionaries and very few good missionaries to be honest and its kinda sad because some of them have been here 22 or 23 months and are getting ready to go home and all they can say is bad things about the church and their missions but at the same time its been good for me because I have a really good companion who has been through a lot himself and helps me really know and realize who I should be and its truely a blessing to have a native companion as my first.
Anyways some updates about the ward this week... Laura didnt show up yesterday but I think its mostly because we werent able to get in to meet with her since early last week because Elder Contreras has been really sick and its been raining a lot so its tough. When we went by on Saturday, planning on teaching Lesson 3, her boyfriend I guess and 3 other guys were playing cards and betting and I think they might have been drinking too so we felt it wasnt right for us to stay because we really needed the spirit for this lesson and there's no way it could have been there in those circumstances. So we just said Hi to them, talked for a few minutes and sadly had to just tell Laura after she came out to meet us with a big smile on her face and happy to see us that we were just stopping by to check up and see how everything was going and if there was anything that we could do...so that was hard but were hoping we can have more success with her this week. Its just tough becasue we cant make our way through her boyfriend to get them both to sit down and listen. We truely know that the Lord has his hand in this situation and he is working on her too and I have faith enough to know that if its right, things will work out.
Regardless we do have 2 baptisms coming up this month. One this Saturday with Hugo and another later this month with Jose... they are both 17 and cousins and they have been investigating for quite a while before and would show up to church every once and a while so thats why it kinda snuck up but they both have had a really strong desire to be baptized because of the example of their 14 year old cousin Herson... who is just truely a stud and such a great kid! I love him... me and him have become good friends now because he really wants to learn english so now every Saturday before the institute class that the branch or ward has every Saturday I set it up to teach an english class and only had 3 students this last saturday but it was fun and I think I learn more then them but they love learning English and their pronunciation is hilarious sometimes because they really have never tried before but its fun! So yeah we have the baptism of Hugo this Saturday as long as he sticks with his promise to not drink any Coffee this week, we had to post pone it last Saturday because he drank some, but he has promised so we will see!
Other then that nothing much more is happening. Weve have 3 missionaries in the Hospital this last week because of Dengue from the Mosquitos and one latin was actually really close to dying but by a miracle litteraly he was able to recover and then one Greengo just found out he has it today and hes got just this nasty rash all over his body and he is super weak and cant really do anything but I dont think he has it as bad as the other but its scary! Everything is going good for me though and Im loving it more and more this week. To be honest we have good and bad days but this week was just full of good ones because I have learned to use my testimony and the reasons why I am here to put the smile on my face and give me the motivation that I need!
K well thats about it, I dont have alot of time but know that I love you all and appreciate the prayers and support!
Love Elder Gardner