Monday, September 6, 2010

Thanks Mom for the CTR rings

Hey Fam and Friends!

Well its just crazy how fast the weeks go by here, it seriosly seems like every day im here in this little ciber writing emails. But anyways just an update about this week, it was amazing! Me and Broderick have been fasting and praying A LOT in this area in the past couple weeks and its been this past week that we have been starting to see the results! 
Oh and mom about those CTR rings, or rather the Haz Lo Justo rings that you sent me... well me and Elder Broderick went to one of our member families because they have 3 kids that are just perfect to have a little Family Home Evening with them and shared some scriptues with them and then I gave them all a ring to wear and explained to them why the church makes them and all that, it just was so perfect. Its always so hard to leave their house because Sister Lidia just loves us so much but she asked me for a ring to so now there are 4 in that little humble house that are all wearing the rings that you send me. I also gave them to the 3 teenagers that live up in apasinigua and they just loved them. Its so incredible to see the what an impact that the simple little things do, like the little probably 5 cent rings, and they are pricless here! That was such a great idea to send those!
Something rare also happened to us this week when we were out contacting, we ran into our first Honduran that does not believe in God or anything to do with him. He ranted on and on about how we are just crazy to believe in something that we have never seen, but I just said to him... do you believe in air? have you seen it before? Well of course not... but we just explained that to us.. that is faith. We dont have to have a knowlege or perfect understanding of something to know, and most importantly feel that there is a God and that he does love us! Just look around at everything that we have! It obviously got to the point where we couldnt forse him to believe anything we were saying so we just told him we gotta go and, Que Dios le bendiga! God bless you basically and he just laughed but ya know we did what we needed to do and I learned a good lesson that day. We know that there is a section in Preach my Gospel for the people that dont believe in God but we just skip over it because everyone believes in God, but I was wrong and I wished I would have studied that section! 
This month in our zone we had the 2nd lowest baptisms in all of the mission, we had 5. So this last friday we had an 8 hour training on different teaching strategies and President just basically shaved us if you know what I mean, but I learned sooo much and it turned out to be really good! 
Yesterday morning we once again woke up really early to go out and gather our members for church, but once again the majority of the less active members just came up with an excuse. Here even the kids of the member families scream MOMMY THE MORMONS... and then they know to come up with a quick excuse but it really is ridiculous here sometimes. Regardless we did have 20 at church yesterday and 5 new investigators if you can believe it. So we were real happy about that! 
Also this week we have changes and iv been in SabanaGrande for 3 months now so most likely it will be me that will go to a different area so we spent a lot of time yesterday visiting with the little member families that we have and getting pictures with all them.
Thats pretty much it though for this week! Youll have to wait till next week to find out where ill be, or if I change but as for me, wish me luck! Im stoked, nervous, and dont want to go at the same time just because I love all these people here so much! Especially our neighbor and lady that makes us dinner every night. Speakin of her just real fast, we watched the Testiments with with her yesterday and it litterally brought her to tears... everyone ours and im sure your prayers are being answered. We are striking success in an area that no one thought was possible! I love this church so much and know that its true!
Please everyone take care and know how much I love each and every one of you!

Love Elder Gardner

Me and Jenny and Allan again

Jennifer and Allan with the rings on