Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday eggs, they are going to smash them on his head.

I'm old!!

Hey Fam and Friends,

Well I dont even know where to start with this week. Just full of events! The first things that I can remember though is that on thursday this past week we had a zone workshop where our Zone Leaders had us there for a little more time then usual teaching us some things, but the District Leaders came in and brought the entire zone Pizza for our 30 baptisms that we had the month of February. The Zone Leaders had called them and told them to bring a cake too because my birthday was that week. So on thursday I got me a cake which was delicious. Now Friday morning, my birthday, we get a call at 5:30 in the morning from the Zone Leaders telling us that we had to get ready and get on our way to Choluteca for an emergency conference with President. From our house its about 2 hours away and they wanted us there at 9, buses didnt start leaving from our area till 7. Long story short I didnt even realize that it was my birthday until we were on the buses going to Choluteca that morning when all the other missionaries started singing to me. We got to Choluteca to the Stake Center and with about 60 missionaries all waiting for President and then they informed us that he got in too much trafic and wasnt able to make it so just turned around and went back to Teguc. So with all of there and nothing to do, being my birthday, we went over at 10 in the morning to Pizza Hut there in Choluteca, the only american food that you can find in the south and we went and had lunch there. Later that day I went on divisions with my District Leader Elder Anderson so that he could do the baptism interviews of our two baptisms. The Interviews went really good and we just kinda chilled with the family there where our baptism live and she ended up giving us dinner. The thing is with our two baptisms.. they are kids of members who having been to church in a couple months but the parents when they got baptized 4 months ago they didnt want their kids to be baptized cuz they thought they were bad kids. With little by little just gaining trust and friendship with them, the parents let us teach them and saturday we baptized them.
Im sure you all heard about what happened in Japan this past week, they were telling us on the news that there were 25 ft waves coming into the coast lines of Honduras and El Salvador and I live just 15 minutes from the beaches, as missionaries we were excited to see them coming in... nothing even happened. We were kinda bummed but its been crazy to see all that is going on there in Japan. One of the missionaries in the Zone has a sister in the mission in Japan but luckily nothing happened to her.
Highlight of the week though for us was saturday though. We have a family that we have been wanting to baptize for quite a while now and we have an a really good friendship going on. They have a son who turned 11 on saturday, the day after my birthday so we had planned saturday after the baptism to go over to thier house and... well youll have to click on this video link to see what happened...

Sorry I didnt have time to write yesterday but it was just one of those P-days.
I hope you enjoy the video and the pics of our baptisms, I love you all soooo much and thanks for the birthday wishes and for making me feel so old!!
Stay Strong in the Faith!!

Love Elder Gardner