Monday, December 27, 2010

Colton's Christmas

Christmas Baptism

Survived my first Christmas!


Well Christmas has come and gone now and there isnt much more to update you all on other then the baptism that we had! I attached some pics from the baptism and how amazing Christmas day was for us! Truely couldnt have been better. I not only got to talk to my family but got to see all them again! Right after me and Elder Skoubye hurried and showered and then took off for the church to fill up the font and wait for everyone to show up! Before too long the whole family of our Baptism Nicolas showed up, he has 3 returned missionary grandsons and one that gets home in Feburary so they have obviously been waiting for this day for quite a while now. They were all so happy, to see him so happy about his baptism! I got to talk a lot to all of his grandsons and we had one of them give a short talk about the Holy Ghost for the baptism and he did so good, actually cryed trying to give the talk because he never thought he would see the day that his own grandpa would be getting ready for his baptism after all the baptisms that he had had in his mission. The dad of these 3, almost 4 returned missionaries still is not a member of the church but they kept telling me that some day he will come around!
This Christmas was something else for me and my companion! Truely a blessing to be in the area we are, during this time of the year, with the investigators that we have. I thought it was gonna be a whole lot harder then it was to talk to the fam but it wasnt hard at all.... Talking to all of you, whether it was in spanish or english was just kinda allowing me to get a quick update that all you guys are still there and growing up just too dang fast! For all of you who I didnt get an update from, I expect one!
Well I think thats about it, I know this is goin out early in the morning but we have a lot of pictures to print of the baptisms and to make a little something special for them with all of the pictures. Its gonna be a crazy day though! New Years is gonna come and go before the next time I talk to all of you, so I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Try not to have too much fun without me! This Church is sooo true, I know it with all my heart! I also love all of you with all my heart and your always in my prayers! Thanks for everything!

Until Next Year!!
Love Elder Gardner