Monday, May 2, 2011

Bats in my bed - ugh!

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My Last May

Hey fam and friends,

I wish once again I cold update you all with a baptism and all that but we havent had one yet. Comin up here though we should be having another marriage and actual couple baptism. We have found 2 new families this past week and with all the activities that we have been doing its been causing a lot of talking in the area... which is good.. and bad. Good because people are noticing and more are starting to come to church and the activities but at the same time, people are super critical about the church and the way we do things but thats their problem. It was a really long week because of all the preparation that we have been doing for these activites that we had saturday but it turned out really good and here we are once again. We had 93 people show up to the activity that we did, we brought a projector out behind the church building where were at because our chapel/house just got painted and it looks really good and we had them paint this one wall out back just really really white and wow... you should have seen how awesome and beautiful the movie turned out. We watched the movie "To this end I was born" and believe it or not, lately storms have come in every night because the rainy season is once again coming back, but at the point where they started doing everything to christ and in the movie it got all strormy becuase they were crucifying him... well the lord helped us make it a little more realistic and made it rain there too since we were all outside. Just as the tender mercies of the lord work stopped imediately after, but not a single of the 93 moved at any point of the rain because it litterally was so real to them. It was a really successfull activity and we had a good plate of food prepared for everyone afterwards by our wonderful new Relief Society. Not sure what we would have done with out them!! Nothing!
I cant believe we have already entered into May! Even more is that Mothers Day is already here. Obviously I was still in the MTC at this point last year but wow time is going by way too fast. I dont even feel like i should be calling home haha but i guess i will if my family really wants to talk that bad!! To talk to my Brothers and sisters that just went to prom this last weekend... ugh the priceless moments that missionaires have to sacrifice
I dont have much time right now but ill be talking to the chosen ones this sunday so until then... well take care. I love you all! Sorry for all of you mothers, who are not my mother, I wish I could talk to you too but I do wish to wish you all a happy Mothers day!! This church is true!

Love Elder Gardner