Saturday, November 27, 2010

gorgeous waterfall

Eating sugar cane for the first time, YUM

102 people at church this week!

Hey Fam!!

Well wow what a week its been here in Valle de Angeles! This one was definately one where I feel there is too much that has happened to be able to fit it all in one email especailly with the time that I have! Saturday like I mentioned last week we had the baptism service and everything went really well. We even got 2 investigators to come and stay for the whole thing! Elder Reyes baptized this time around and right before the baptism one of the other missionaries that are in Valle with us gave a talk on Baptism and then all the sudden I got called on to speak on the Holy Ghost without any preparation or anything but it turned out well, I just taught the way that I was taught when I was baptized, that the Holy Ghost can be our best friend when we are keeping the commandments and just simple things like that because there was also an 8 year old little girl from the branch that got baptized too! This was a really good baptismal service, wish you all could have been there!
For some reason I cant think of what happened this week because I forgot this week to look through my journal and remember what happened but as missionaries we really are starting to find more and more success as we are workin hard! Yesterday we had 102 people in the church and the amazing thing is that were just a branch, and not yet a ward. But thats our goal, we are just trying to find all the inactive or whatever melchezidic preistood holders in the branch so that we can have a total of 25 active and worthy preistood holders in the branch, or that are at least paying tithing and so far thats been the hardest part for us, because there are plenty of men, just not active or worthy sometimes.
Also at church yesterday we started a new class, as the missionaries, teaching the Gospel Principles book so that they can all better understand the priciples. The thing was though that the teacher of all the youth never showed up and no one from the branch was willing to teach it so they pulled me out to teach from the OLD TESTIMENT of all things, to about 18 youth kids, because right now there are 4 missionaries in Valle, 2 greengos, me and one other new missionary that doesnt hardly know any spanish still, but I survived!
Today as an entire zone, everyone else all came to our area so that this morning we could make the hike up to some waterfalls that are in our area so that was a lot of fun! It gave me more of the feeling of what I thought Honduras was gonna be like! It was so gorgeous up there, about a 45 minute hike but definately worth it! I sent the best pictures that I could but without my camera it was pretty hard but hopefully some other time, within the time that Im here we can go up there again when I have my camera! I really wish you all could have seen these waterfalls!
Thats about all I got for today and now I gotta go but I love you all so much, and love this church so much! You all better have fun this thursday and eat all you can, while im here eating the usual rice, beans and eggs haha nah its alright!

Love Elder Gardner