Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey Fam,

Weeks seem to pass by rather slow when you go about worried about whats goin on at home haha but ugh it was a big relief knowing that everything is better with dad and everything.
This week was a really good week though in the end. Were gonna have a baptism this weekend of a guy that now has 3 times going to church and is still reading the book of mormon and everything. He was progressed faster than usual and is absolutely stoked to go home to texas in the next year to share the gospel with his family. We found on the church website 6 chapels within 10 minutes of his house in Texas and so he was super stoked about that. The temple is within just 20 minutes of his house as well but he had no idea that it was of our church.
On monday we did a Family Home Evening and made the last batch of Choco Chocolate Chip Cookies that you guys sent me in a package... LAST CHRISTMAS hahah yeah i had them a little hidden and then when I found them we planned it out with the bishop and his wife to make them.... they LOVED them. The ovens here once again are a little different so they got burned on the bottom again but the stake presidents daughter loved them and so did we haha
Were going into the last week of the change this week and then i start my second to last change... last 12 weeks. I had an interview with president this past friday and talked about changes and about dad and other things that have been happening and my own mission president made me baggy... haha he said wow... your getting old arent you... just 13 weeks huh?? I couldnt beleive he said that to me. Im just nervous and anxious to find out where my last area is gonna be.
Anyways... thats all ive got to say for this week. The wood carvings should be getting there this week or the first of next.... keep me updated

Love you all

Elder Gardner