Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hitch hiking in Honduras

Here comes the Rain again

Hey Fam and Friends,
Well this week was a really good week. I dont have any amazing stories for this week sadly... but we did have a baptism. The baptism we were supposed to have a week and a half ago... we did it this week because Angel´s older sister had to work in the cantalope fields and wouldnt be able to make it saturday so we did it on wednesday. Everything went really good, Angel is such a little stud. He had a hard time understanding everything when we were teaching him but his parents and all his sisters are all members.. just were a little inactive. Not anymore though.
This week was kinda tough for us work wise though because it was Holy Week, or "Semana Santa" like they call it here. Its basically easter except its a whole week long celebration. Here in the south all the people do is go to the beach, get drunk, and party in rememberance of the savior believe it or not. Yeah things are a little messed up here. It was hard for us to find people in there houses but we spent the majority of the week just planning and inviting a bunch of kids and teenagers to come to an activity that we had saturday. It was an activity of just playing soccer and we made them all food. We were stressin it because we were doing it at this x-branch president and recently reallly less active and it seemed like no one was helping us but it turned out really really good. We had nearly 60 people show up and some church leaders came and brought their families and they brought also a big music player and the best part was that all he had was the good old 80´s... the people here love the american 80´s music. I tought some 80 dannce movies and brought some of the teenage girls to tears... in laughter hahahha. It was just a super fun activity... me and Elder Martinson were able to play too so all the kids loved that of course... playing against some greengos. We shared a little message with everyone while we had them there and told them to go to church so we thought for sure we were gonna have a good number there in church on sunday which we were stoked about because they are telling us that as soon as we can get 120 people in church.. and maintain it like that for at least 2 months... the church will buy the land and build us an actual chapel instead of just rent a little house. Its gonna be a fight though because the church were in now doesnt even have 80 chairs... however... we did get 60 in church yesterday... which is a whole lot better then the 28 that we had my first sunday here. Were just waiting on all the cantalope field workers to finish so they can go to church, once the rain season strarts officially in the next week or two there will no longer be work and everyone is just in their houses.
I tell ya that the rainy season is comin because it rained this morning for the first time in A LONG time so that was exciting. But yeah I have been writing too long of emails but i wanna finish telling you guys how much I love you all, I didnt even realize it was easter until last night when we got home but I hope you all had an amazing easter weekend. Dont ever forget about what Jesus Christ has done for you all as I do the same. This is the true church... I know it. 100 percent sure!!
Love your Elder Gardner