Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One more Month!!

Hey fam,

Ugh its been a long... sick week. For the first time in over a year i believe that i got sick and im not sure what from but something got me good. Since tuesday night ive had a super bad fever and really achy body and i never ate anything just cuz i never got hungry and my stomach was just in really bad shape. Until sunday morning... after a really long nihgt... i felt better when I woke up. Ate some breakfast for the fist time in at least 36 hours and we left the house at 8 to get people for a conference that we had in the district. Luckily we had the afternoon session so we had all morning to go invite and bring prople to the church. We got our complete family to go to church as you can see in the picture and they were super excited. We knew it was gonna be vital for them to be there cuz it was a satalite broadcast and the area 70 spoke and Elder Boyd K. Packer also spoke. It was broadcasted to all of central america. Three was a bus that took us and so it was really cool to have 6 investigators that showed up and a family that as of this week has the marriage and baptismal date not for this weekend but the next. The same weekend as General Conference. They are super excited to be able to get married and baptized cuz they have wanted to but dont have the money.
Two of our baptisms that we were gonna have this weekend fell... two sisters becuase they both finally got a job and has to work on sudays so now we dont know what to do with them... they go straight from work to seminary though... not even going home before and really wanna be baptized but with work its really hard now. Their parents are members but dont go anymore for lazyness but ugh... thats just how a lot of people here are right now! Sometimes we just run out of things to do for them so that they will go to church but the truth is that they just dont want to... they dont see it they way we do... to them its just a house to meet at and sweat your butt off and listen to crying kids. Its hard!

I dont have much time right now cuz its late already cuz weve been waiting for interne to come back all day!!
I love you all and one month from today... ill see you all!!

Elder Gardner