Tuesday, March 6, 2012

cooking tortillas

our little movie theater

My Companion Elder Rodriguez

Brothers baptized


Well I know its late but this was the only time that we had all day and we got too much to do tomorrow morning.
This week was a super awesome week... the two baptisms went really good and they both are just super happy to be baptized members of the only true church in the world.... haha thats how they talk about the church now.. super cool.

At the begining of the week we had to go to the capital again where it was colder then ever.... we actually saw rain there in Tegucigalpa meanwhile San Lorezo continues to burn with the heat. We had a really good council with president and I found out that 3 more people that I had been working with in my last area got baptized... including a black man that we taught that was having a hard time going to church.. but he got baptized. I always wanted to baptized a black man in my mission cuz they are rare here and he finally idd get baptized and is happier then ever. He knows english cuz he used to work on cruz ships. He wanted me to baptize him but President didnt let me travel the 3 hours to go do the baptism.

I dont know what has happened to me lately but ive been getting really emotional lately. For example on saturday we were visiting with a inactive family that havent gone to church in over 6 years and there are over 10 members there. We took out a TV that they had and put on JUST A STONE CUTTER and watched it with all of them...like a mini movie theater (theres pics of that) and afterwards one of the moms of a 2 month year old daugter asked us for a blessing and as we gave the blessing the spirit was felt soooo incredibly stong... and i dont even know why but all the members there that bunched into the little room just started crying and as we stood up off of our knees after the blessing we just stood in silence and everyone was touched. Everyone of those 13 people that were there of the members that havent been to church in years... showed up the next day to church and the older members shedded tears with them because they were so happy that they came back.

Also last night we went to go read a chapter in the Book of Mormon with our two baptisms and i dont know why but I chose 3 Nephi 17 with them and the spirit once again just hit me with a ton of bricks as we read and explained really slowly about the coming of christ to the americas and i just cried for the first time in A LONG time. Read it if you havent or if you dont remember.

I cant believe im goin into my last change... my last 6 weeks. Ive changed a lot from what I was in my last area and i think what it has been is just the humbleness of these people. The majority of you all wouldnt beleive the poverty here in the south. It makes missionaires... 20 year old men drop to their knees pleading for these people. Im witness that the lord has performed miracles in these hands of my companion and mine like you wouldnt beleive.
We had more people in church then what we have had in over 9 months. 122 people and only 115 chairs were placed in our little rented house of a chapel. Its was a sight to see. Incredible!!

I love you all but i gotta go. Enjoy the pics and until next week!!

Love your missionary
Elder Gardner