Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Miracles and Disasters

Hey Fam and Friends!
Well yeah lots of things are changing in the mission right now and I didnt have changes so me and Broderick are here again, and Ill be going on almost having 5 months in this same area but its alright becasue the truth is, its getting so much better and we are doing our best to get to know just everyone we can so that we can find more oportunities to teach!
Speaking of that... we found ourselves a miracle family of 5 this week! On Friday night we were out walking around and remembered one sister that we had talked to the week before but she didnt know when to tell us to come back becasue her kids are always gone and her husband is always working, nevertheless, we passed by her house to find her husband sitting there watching TV so we started talking with him and somehow hit it off with him real quick and then the sister that we had talked to a week before came out to greet us too, and before we knew it he shut the TV off and they both sat down to listen and I saw at least 2 of her 3 kids in one of the back rooms so before we asked to say a prayer and sing a song I invited them into the room for just a little message that we had for them. Its hard for me to describe what happed after that but we got one of her sons involved in the lessons and he read some scriptures for us and then before leaving when we left the chalenge with them to read and pray to know these things are true... I found myself looking into the eyes of a family of 5 just so intently listening. Directly after that I felt prompted before the closing prayer to teach them the manera a prayer and then kinda jokingly asked if one of them would want to try it becasue no one ever wants to do that on the first visit but to our surprise her 10 year old son raised his hand and litteraly couldnt have said a more perfect prayer! We are seeing miracles here in the work and ah we were just on cloud 9 walking home that night! 
For bad news though, and just a background on the weather here in SabanaGrande... it has rained every single day for over 5 weeks now and lately the mud and earth has really been getting loose. Well the night after this amazing night and lesson with this beautiful family it rained and rained and reained almost all day and night and when we were returning from appontments in aposonigua completely soaking wet, and walking in mudd and water filled roads up to above our ankles...we make it back to our house to find out that our neighbors house flooded and there were about10 helpers and neighbors helping her just sweep and mop out all of the mud that had came into her house during this ridiculous storm. Worst part is that they didnt get the worst of it. This family Enamorado that we taught the other night, the level of this river behing their house raised over 8 feet and rushed in and through their tiny little house, filling it with over 4 feet of water and ruining evberthing that they had... clothes, money, and their own dining table was taken with the river. To make a long story short we tried all we could to help them but they lost everything and I just wish on everything that the church was strong enough here to help them out but we couldnt do anything to help them...ugh its just so sad! 
We are doing all we can to get back to teaching them again but for now they have no house so Ill have to let you know what happens this next week! 
Best news of all is that we had 32 in church yesterday, thats the most weve had in the church in over 3 months so we were just stoked about that! We are finally seeing the fruits of our labors! The work is just so great. I know the church is true and I cant even tell you how stoked I am for General Conference coming up! 
Im out of time now though so Until next week! I love you all and appreciate the support! 
Love Elder Gardner