Thursday, May 19, 2011

Marriage and Baptism

Hey Fam,

Well sorry I didnt get anything out yesterday, Im sure you were all waiting for my email with these priceless pictures. Ahhh well we did it and I wish everyone of you could have been there. There were miracles and things that happened this past week that words cant explain nor give the emotion that they brought us. So we spent a lot of time doing the preparation for the wedding on thursday. We got a member that has a big Ford Deisel Excursion, probably the only one in Honduras... she was able to help us out with getting us all the the place where the marriages are performed. We had to go pick up our couple because Thomas, the husband 62 years old, he cant walk and has had problems with one of his legs the past 10 years. We made it to where we needed to go only to find about 16 other missionaires that same day all with their couples getting ready to get married. Needless to say we had to wait our turn but ahhhh it was such and awesome sight to see all these "Mormon Missionaries" and their couples ready to get married. Im sure anyone who was there being member or not... were amazed as well.
I hope you like that priceless picture of me and Elder Martinson and our couple with the little whiteboard sign "Got Hitched" hahah it was Elder Martinsons idea. Im sure even more you guys love Thomas´s hat.. "High School Jock", hes always had that hat with out knowing what it even means, he had that on the first day that we met him though and he always has it with him. We didnt even bother explaining to him what it means in spanish cuz theres no such thing as High School sports here anyways. The best highlight of the whole week was what followed the wedding, we went directly from the marriage place to the church to do their baptism and we were actually able to do the baptism at the same time as 2 other elders that had a marriage that same day! We didnt have a ton of other members there supporting us but the spirit was definately there. I dont even know where to start to try to explain to you all the sight of this newly married, super humble, couple of 28 years, in all white clothes. With the problem of Thomas and his leg he went first and Elder Martinson baptized him but the first time when he did it his leg left the water so we had to do it again obviously but it was after the first time that he started falling on Elder Martinson just telling him "It hurts, it hurts, it hurts".. . Poor Elder Martinson just looked up at me because he doesnt know spanish too well and he didnt know how to explain to him what happened and what we needed to do. So I also being in all white clothes climbed down in the water to help hold him up in the water cuz he couldnt stand by himself in that cold water. I explained to him what happened and that we needed to do it one more time and that I would just help him and hold his leg under while Martinson baptized him again. Ugh I could just see the pain in his eyes but he just knods his head with a really worried face on. The second time was a success though and we looked at everyone else in the audiance and they were just smiling, some in tears and then me and Martinson grab him by his arms and help him out of the font. When we got to the top of the stairs we asked him how he felf and without saying a word he throws his one arm up in the air with a superman fist and smile on his face. Its the photo and the priceless image that I wanted to paint in your minds of these two missionaries in all white clothes carrying a man with a sick leg... a moment when he through his superman fist in the air that I will NEVER forget.. I wish you could have all been there!
Right after his wife was wating outside of the door for her baptism and everything went good with her. Afterwards we parted a wedding cake that we baught for them and got some good pictures. All we could say after that very long thursday was mission complete.. as it began to downpoor as we showed up back in our area and we were dropping off our witnesses for the marriage, which was the couple that had not been to church in over a year but we re-activated. They were the ones who gave us the reference of this couple, and in the end we noticed that it was only 14 days from the moments that we showed up at their house for the first time, to the time that they were both married and baptized!
Now to the sad, but at the same time kinda good news. I have changes, they called me in the morning today letting me know that I have changes but I wont know where until tonight. Youll all have to wait till next week, but just know that I will no longer be in Buena Vista (Good View). We will just have to see where the lord is sending me to complete the next maybe 4-5 months of my mission. Its been a huge challenge but ive learned soooo much, not only about myself but about what the lord wants of me!!
I love this work, I want you to always know of my testimony I have of this church and of the Baptismal ordinance that us missionaries have the privelage we have to help these people make this step, whether its that we have to carry them in and out of the font to make this step like we did this past week or no... its equally important. I love you all sooo very much.

Take Care,
Until next week with the news.

Love your,
Elder Gardner