Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Open your mouth!

Hey fam and friends!!

So the last little bit its been getting pretty cold in Valle de Angeles so earlier this week I had to go buy me a sweatshirt and sweatpants to wear at night or I would never get out of bed because its cold in the mornings! The days have been pretty warm lately other then one day of being rained out while up in the mountains! I just know that once again every time im getting rained on in the mission field my future wife is just getting more and more beautiful... right??? I hope so!
Earlier this week its been a struggle for me because my companion just has not been wanting to work so I started putting goals with him that at 11 after studies we have to open our mouth with 10 people before lunch thats it and the first day we tried that, we didnt get out till 11:30 but we got out! After just 6 times opening our mouth we had taught two lessons and found a new family. Two teachers and a young couple, not yet married but we just met with them for the 2nd time yesterday and they remain really positive. We ended up opening our mouth12 times that morning with 3 lessons taught and It was just proof to my companion that if your obedient that you will see the fruits because he keeps trying to tell me that theres no one to teach, the members dont help, and the people dont want anything!! Well we all know thats not true but weve been getting better and iv found that the only way to avoid a bad companionship is just hard work! It seems to be the solution to a lot of things!!
I have to tell you about this sweet old lady that we found the other day thanks to Sister Cordova, the owner of our appartment, because this lady named Doña Amparo is one of her best friends and basically second mother is what she said! From our very first visit, planned just to get to know her, we found out why! We showed up at her house at about 5 and talked, really got to know her, and she told us alllll kinds of stories about her life and how the lord has blessed her so much and then we got a delicious dinner. She actually has quite a bit of money as far as we understand becasue she has this beautiful house and living very well with the support of her very successful kids! Also her husband was the main guy of one of the biggest banks of Honduras but passed away about 6 years ago. She has really become basically just like our grandma, she makes juices and jams from every fruit basically and all kinds of candy and home maid sweets she gives us every time we have come over! Just a couple more visits and I will probably be able to tell you her entire life story, but its been fun!
We put a batismal date with a 14 year old kid this week, and reference from his good friend int he ward, I might have told you that he braught 3 friends to the church last week, but anyways yeah two of them have dates! Its been a really successful, stressful, and interesting week for us all at the same time. We saw some incredibly beautiful Honduras Landscape hiking up to some houses of inactive members, with the help of other members actaully but wow we are also finding out how big our area really is through hiking up to all the inactive members! Im amazed more and more every day about how beautiful this country really is! I love it!
Thats about it for this week, and this saturday we have another baptism so the work is comin along little by little!!
Thank you all for your love and support once again!!
I love you all!

Love Elder Gardner

PS Everyone wish my mom a Happy Birthday this wednesday!!!