Sunday, April 8, 2012

Long awaited week

Hey fam,

As I have been taking about the past while as the hottest and most sinful week in Honduras is here, The Holy Week (Semana Santa) where everything goes down and when supposidly it gets hotter then any other time of the year. I guess the good thing is that we wont have to be here in San Lorenzo for the majority of the beginning of the week, we have to go Tegucigalpa tomorrow and come back late wednesday night for a Zone Leader Council and verification that we have to do this week. This is my second to last full week in the mission and its gonna fly right by me. The bad thing is that our golden family wont be getting married and baptized until next week cuz after wednesday this entire country just shuts down. So turns out they will be married and baptized on the same day that i complete 2 years since I saw my family. Its gonna be a really good LAST WEEKEND to say the least. Exactly what I long awaited but yeah were gonna need your help in your prayers so that nothing bad happens.

This has been a pretty fast week and long awaited weekend. I loved General Conference except for the fact that for the preistood session when I was excited to listen and think back to my last weekend with Dad and my brothers 2 years ago... well for some reason we werent able to get the satalite signal and we didnt get to watch any of it. That was pretty disapointing, we only got to watch the last couple words of the prophet on the internet but that was it. Ill have to wait till i get home I guess to watch what was taught!
I sure did eat a whole lot more then I most likely would have at home. General Conference in the mission seems to be a whole lot more long awaited here then anywhere else. I got good notes and loved everything about it!

This could be my second to last email cuz i dont im gonna say much that last monday before I leave. Im having problems with my memory card as well and thats why I havent sent any pics lately and im not sure what happened but im gonna get it fixed.

I love you all and cant wait to see you all again.. each monday is just one more closer. Now just 2 more!

Until next weeek!

Love Elder Gardner

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