Monday, November 28, 2011

Here comes the Christmas music

Hey Fam,

Well even here in Honduras they start super early with the Christmas music. I couldnt stand it at first but its starting to wear on me. Its just the feelings that it gives a missionary away from home for the 2nd time... its hard to explain. I try not to let it make me feel baggy or trunky.
This time of the year for missionary work for some reason slows down... whether its because of the animo of the missionaries or if its just the people not wanting to make changes this time of the year... im not sure. We are really struggling in finding new people but we have lots of plans in this next week to be creative with the members and help them to feel the sprituality of us so they will feel the desire to want to take us to their friends cuz knocking doors is just not working out. Just as it is with all members that are really good at teaching or super faithful in everything we do... they are the first ones we look for to take with us to lessons.
The best is that Jasmin went to church again yesterday and is now very ready for baptism. There is a lot of trust that we have developed with them in the past while. She had a doubt about the baptisms for the dead that we do but I just hapened to be with Elder Lopez... the missionary that I trained... in divisions that day and so we taught her the plan of salvation and understood very well why we baptize for our ancestors. It was a really good lesson... im sure if we would have left her for too long with that doubt... it could have killed the baptism for us. We saw that saturday night when we were there with them again she was even defending the church from her brother when he started saying stupid things that are just not true. She stood up fo rthe church though!!
Jasmin is getting baptized this saturday at 5 and sometimes I cant believe we finally did it. From contacting them in the street at 830 at night nearly 4 months ago... to now! We may not have many baptisms right now but I feel really good about the ones that we do have!!
These times of the year like i said arent making the work any easier but were trying. I cant believe im gonna be calling home... agian in just over a month! I hope they leave me here in this area where im at for christmas... that would stink to leave here only 10 days before Christmas in changes.
I love the work though, even when it hard!
I love you all!!
Until next week!!

Elder Gardner

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