Monday, December 5, 2011

December feels unreal

Hey Fam,
Well i think ive gotten over the feelings that singing christmas songs gave me before. Now it seems like everyone wants us to just sing christmas songs when we go to teach them, since there are only like 8 christmas songs in the spanish hymn book im getting bored of them already all though they still make me miss home for some reason. I remember feeling the same last year though about christmas season but this time around its gonna be even harder.
This week has had its trials as well. We have just been doing everything possible to help Jasmin and Hosman feel better in the church and with all the teachings. They have had a whole lot of trials this week as well though cuz everything was going good until tuesday when they had a fight with the brother of Jasmin that lives in the same house as well. They live with Jasmins mom, grandma, and her tremendous brother. Since they had that fight the only thing they have wanted is to flee from the house, just 10 days before her baptism they want to move out of the house. They had us just super down all week cuz after everything that weve done and the friendship we have built they have no other choice but just get out of there. If its not one thing... its another in their situation. On tuesday we got it worked out with the bishop and Relief Society Pres so that they could go to the Bishops storehouse and get some food so they werent always asking for money from everyone. It really helped them and all but I think they are just even more confused then we are about what to do.
They took off thursday afternoon and since he doestn have a cell we knew nothing of them until sunday morning, but we got ready super early so that we could go to their house and they would be there. The sound of their little daughter screaming and crying never sounded so sweet when we showed up at their door knowing that they were there. Now I hope the lord has forgiven us but she gave us the excuse that she didnt have diapers for the little daughter and thats why she wasnt willing to go to church, so.... we went and bought 2 diapers on sunday morning. I felt bad but I didnt want that to be the reason for her baptismal date falling. Luckily there was a member passing when we were walking to the church that grabbed her and took her to the church cuz if not we for sure would have missed the sacrament. Luckily we made it and Hosman the husband came later cuz he wasnt there when we passed at 8.
With all the things that have happened it payed off and we got a family in church... but i just dont know if we are helping or hindering them by doing this. We will have to see what happens this weekend. She is set up to be baptized saturday at 5 but who knows what will happen. Keep her in your prayers.
I cant believe my little brother is gonna be 15 this week... will someone tell them to stop growing up on me. It seems like christmas is still way far away but its scaring me how fast time flys by. Last night we had the chance to see the satalite broadcast of the Christmas Devotional from the First Presidency. That didnt help me with my trunkyness but it was really awesome to hear their messages.
I sure do love you all and I hope your all surviving the cold winter. Its starting to warm up here. 2 weeks ago it was freezing and last night it rained a little bit but its warming up little by little!
Until Next Week
Elder Gardner

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