Monday, February 27, 2012

February Gone!!

Hey fam,

I cant believe how fast this week flew by! I almost didnt even wanna write you guys today... and just wait till next week. This for sure has been an incredible week though, we worked out little butts off. Since we didnt have many errands to run for the zone... we took advantage and started doing divisions with the areas that had baptisms this weekend and those who didnt to see if we could get the last 4 that we needed to reach the goal for the month of february. We put the goal of 15 baptism between all the missionaries of the zone (14 of us) and had 11 at the end of last weekend. There were people that could be baptized but did not have baptismal dates for this past weekend. Long story short we got the goal right on with 15 baptisms.

Weve been working a lot with the two brothers that are gonna be baptized this weekend and they are super ready. This week they showed up to church really early and we are pushing to get them to share with other people cuz when we teach them its like they just get excited about everthing and want to learn more and more. They dont talk or ask us many questions but they understand everthing.

This week we have been finding members EVERYWHERE and in almost every house of these inactive people, theres someone else that could be baptized. We decided to just take a week and focus on just looking for people through the same inactive members and we found 5 more investigators and 3 of them have already accepted baptism... but some will have to get married as well but its a lot easier here in the south.. and cheaper. We were really happy with all the people we found though... i remember know everything that I loved about being here in the south... even the sunburnt necks too. Today I got fried playin soccer and sight seeing on a near by KINDA beach... its just a bay where the fishermen come in and drop off their catches. But its really cool and it blew me away how warm the water was... its like lake powell in late july haha

Anways... we gotta go to teguc tomorrow for a ZL Council of how we did this month so its back to the 3 hour bus ride back to the capital city. I love them though. This is my second to last one of these too. Speaking of that... we had zone conference this past week as well and since there wont be any more zone conferences in march or the first part of april they called me up to give my last testimony in front of everyone... i felt really weird though, like it was tooo premature cuz there were some who go home on the 7th of March as well but whatever... that long awaited LAST TESTIMONY is all over now. It went good though... there were lots of us. There are 17 that go home next week and 28 that come in... and i already feel like i dont know anyone in the mission anymore cuz everyone is sooo new. The mission has changed a lot though!

Thats enough for today!! I love you all so much. Send me more pics....

Love Elder Gardner

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