Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eventful Week

Hey fam,
Well this week has flown by... ugh and just full of events. If it werent for the events of the mission all of us missionaries would just be super bored. But let me just start with the really cool stuff.
On tuesday morning we were going out of the house so start the day but this day we were dying of heat there in the house studying so we decided to just go out earlier and when we get to taking the bikes out of the house there were two guys on the other side of the street who just were kinda lookin at us and then came over and they started talking to us and said that they had seen one of the churches and wanted to know more about it when they saw us. That short little chat got to the point that they asked us what it takes to get baptized. We just looked at each other and then back at them and wow... 2 super humble brothers who both work in the salt scrapers. The older brother is 23 and the younger 19 and they both want to get baptized. Shocked and all we took their numbers and put a date to go see them that same day. Long story short we showed up to their house just 10 minutes late and they already had the chairs and everything out wating for us. We taught them the lesson of the restoration and they accepted the baptismal date for the 3rd of March on the very first day and we continued taching them about the Book of Mormon but just the older one can read but they now read it together. Sunday we went and got them and they went to church and their family is gonna go next week. We actually found out that their mom is a member... from 12 years ago but them and a little sister arent members. Just a super cool experience. I hadnt felt the spirit like I did when we were taching them... in a long time.
This week since it was valentines day... well the sister missionaries invited us over for dinner on tuesday and we made over 50 baleadas and ah it was super awesome. Thats what I love most about this zone is that its super united and we all get along really well. Almost all the missionaries are training so since they are all new everyone is just super close and actually listen to us. But what has helped the most is just not letting the missionaries look up to me as a big ZL and just as a companion of theirs and we have been doing really good together!!
Other news... you all may have seen on the news of the jail that burnt down here in Honduras and over 350 of the prisoners died... it was all over the news and because of that event... all missionaries in the mission have to be in the house at 8, and the sisters at 6 for now. Definately some scares here in honduras... oh and on saturday an entire market place went up in flames and i dont think people died but ugh this country is going through a lot of bad stuff right now!!
Also... ugh on wednesday we got more news... they took my comp aways from me. I just had 3 weeks to get to know the area and now im training a new ZL that now has 14 months and was the comp of my kid, Elder Lopez in the MTC... can you believe that. He is also from Nicaragua and is super chill. We had already known each other so we get along really well. Im sorry, but i just realized we havent taken a pic together yet but ill work on getting one for next week.
Now that i have written you all a novel.. im gonna close up. I love you all sooo much, my testimony continues growing as i get near the end trying not to get baggy!! haha
Keep the faith everyone... ill be home soon enough! haha
Love your Elder Gardner

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