Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who Needs Powell anyway?.......

Hey Fam,
Well dad... you wanted me to direct this to the fam for the FHE tonight on the boats there, I wish I could see some photos of everyone that are down there with you guys right now! Um as far as an update for me here in Honduras trying not to think to much of you guys and the powell trip you guys are now on... everything this week was really good. Me and Elder Price are doing really good, and getting along really well. We havent had anymore baptisms but were finding a lot of new ones and the members are starting to give us so its been really good. Its been interesting being with a missionary that doesnt know much spanish but he learning really fast.
Today as missionaries in the capital city... about 60 of us.. we all went and did a multi zone activity up at the giant Jesus Christ statue and park. It was all because our mission for the first time in history we broke the record of 200 baptisms in month...we got 211 so they took us all up there for a big activity. I got fried... so i guess its as if i was there in powell with you guys. Not.... haha. It was a good oportunity to get to know the new mission president and his family.. until one of the missionaires got pushed into a pole playing soccer with us and had to get taken to the hospital and get some stitches in his forehead, hes alright now though hahah
Um as far as something to share with you guys for your little FHE tonight. Me and Elder Price had a really great experience last night with some members we got to church yesterday for the first time in 12 years and then we went and watched a movie with them last night. We told them we were gonna come over last night but had no idea they were gonna invite all kinds of neighbors for a little movie night. We got there and there were around 15 people there, we watched a little 20 minute movie about references and that its through the small and simple things that we do, that big things are performed... something like that, im not sure how it is in english. In Alma 37:6! We had a really cool experience with them and it had been a while since I have litterally felt the spirit, but I felt it last night. I guess more of the message for you guys tonight and for this week, until the next.. is just my testimony that is just pounding in my heart right now. That I know this church is true, and that if one of you guys dont think you know if it is true for YOURSELF.... just do what me and my companion go about doing every single day and just pray, read your scriptures and just ask god. I have learned countless lessons and things here on my mission, things that have changed my life for good. I sometimes wonder if im still even the same Colton that all of you knew before the mission... I dont know how i was anymore. Elder Price has helped bring the spirit back into our companship for just coming out of the MTC.. and its been vital for us. I forget the power of the spirit in everything we do... until i feel it once again. Its so true and it just PENETRATES the hearts of the ones that call upon it!
I could go all night for you guys, but im sure its getting hot, your all sunburt, tired, and the mosquitos are all eating you alive... oh and im sure your sick of watching whoever is reading this cry... so ill let you guys go, and I guess ill just be waiting to see some pictures next week... I dont even know when you all come back but just live it up out there... cuz its your last one without me hahah whooooooo!!!
I love you all very very much!!
Dont have too much fun without me!
Love your missionary!!
Elder Gardner

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