Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Plan

Hey Fam,
Well that was great to hear all the good news of all the pioneer history that is goin down there in good ole Utah! Im really happy for you guys!
As for me here in Honduras... well its been an awesome week. As far as baptisms we are lookin at some in the coming weeks were just waiting on paperwork for marriages in order to complete 2 familes and maybe baptize a complete family by the end of the month is the faith!! This week was a lot of preparation for a stake activity of the plan of salvation where each ward prepared a room representing each part of the plan of salvation. From the pre-earth life until the different kingdoms of glory, our ward was in charge of the CELESTIAL KINDOM... they decorated the room as if it was the room of the temple and its was incredible. Im sending a couple pics of the activity and the room that we decorated. The whole plan of the activity was to bring the new converts and investigators to learn more about the plan of salvation in a more real way!!! All of us as the missionaries we dressed up in baptismal clothes, or in all white clothes and we guided different groups of people who came to the different rooms, as if we were angels guiding them. It was an awesome experience and a suprising more then 80 people showed up, not a lot of investigators but a lot of new converts. All the wards did a really good job of showing how the plan of salvation is!
After the activity we had a really good experience and lesson with a family that we are teaching, talking about how families can be forever, we talked about temples and the joy that we have as members of this church to perfrom such ordinances. Its was really spiritual, they werent able to go to church on sunday but they are planning on going next week, which really would be the 2nd time there and were just hoping and praying that they will recieve a very clear answer to thier prayers if the 3 of them should be baptized together as a family, luckily it is fast sunday and testimony meeting so it will be an amazing experience for them.
We hope that you can keep us in our prayers so that we can start baptizing again cuz its been hard lately trying to find new people but with our faith and yours will help us reach success.
I hope everyone in Powell are enjoying themsleves and gettting fryed. Youve all been in my prayers alll week long for your saftety and ejoyment haha and I hope to hear from you all next week to find out how everything is going!
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for the update this week, I love you both very very much!! Good work with everything that your doing to preserve the Pioneer Herritage, your amazing!!
Love your Elder Gardner

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