Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On a Chill Level

Hey Fam,

Well wow iv been anxiously awaiting the photos and the good news about how the powell trip went. Im glad to hear that everything went awesome except the stormyness.
But as far as us.. its been a really long week, but a really good week. I got the package from you guys last week I had just forgotten to let you guys know last week. Its almost all gone now too. The shoes are good and all but im not sure why they are called the mission shoe. Maybe for those in the states that sit in cars all day, but the second they get here to honduras it kinda changes everything up. We will see though how long they end up lasting. Im trying to decide if it would be better to just wait out the rainy season and then start putting them on. Right now im just wearing the boots still except they have become not so waterproof now, from so many times gettting wet and dryed out and climbing hills here in tegus they are getting cracks and all... they have been super awesome though, im glad i bought them.
All week we had been working on just trying to find new investigators. If i wasnt with Elder Price it would probably be hard to deal with the fact that we dont have much, but me and Elder Price are getting along really really well. We sometimes have to check ourselves cuz were having too much fun haha but he keeps everything on more of a chill level so we arent always stressed about everything. We had interviews as a zone with the new mission president, our first REAL interview and it went really well. I sometimes forget that im actually training him cuz were just really good buddies back from the past. Right at the end of the week we found a man who had lived in New York right in taylors mission actually for over 8 years but came back about 2 years ago. For some reason he really liked everything we talked about and then started asking about help that we have for people with drug and alcohol problems cuz his brother who lived right next door was having problems. We talked about the 12 step addiction program and all that good stuff and he loved that so he invited us to come the next day and talk with his brother. The next day we sat, had an entire lesson with these two brothers and it went really well and said they wanted to go to church. Sunday comes around and believe it or not we show up at 830 to pick them up and he has a white shirt, tie and everything on ready to go. So in church we showed up with two more future preistood holders and the members just attacked and embraced them... it was a really good experience for them. The one really positive one who lived in the states, Selvin, he even brought a notepad to take notes. He loved the church and we have another appt with him tomorrow and to chalenge to him to baptism to see if that is something that he would want to do.
Not a whole lot happened this week, just a normal week! Im stoked to see all the pics from powell, im glad you guys all had a good time! This is the last time you had to go without me!!! 8 months!
i wish I had a more spiritual experience for you all this week, but we just got done playing 4 square and im exhausted and still have a lot more things to do before the day is over! I sure do love all you very very very much!!

Take care.. until next week!!

With much love!
Elder Gardner

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