Monday, August 9, 2010

New recipes

¿Que onda?
Another week in the book and Ill be Celebrating 4 months this week, Its just so crazy. My comp celebrated 8 months in the mission today so we went and got a bunch of Baleadas this morning with another Elder in our Zone that has the same amount of time. I still havent heard a word or anything about how the other two Elders that I came with are doing? Ive been wanting to but they are both in the south and im sure just sweating like none other!
Mom you sure would be proud of your son this week though. We talked to our President of the Branch here, another Senior Missionary Couple, from El Salvador because he was a Chef at Hotels and all kinds of places before his mission and Baptism into the church and so we talked him into teaching us simple, cheap, but DELICIOUS meals to make so this week he has taught us how to make Arroz con Pollo and Spaghetti with this special sauce... ah they just were the best! They are simple and we could of course figure out how to make these things but he truely just has the touch. Iv been using that recipie box that you gave me mom and just writing down all these things and just adding them up. One of these days since I have the recipie to the Double Chocolate Chip cookies and Ill just have to find all of the ingredients here in the city one PDay but we let our Neighbor and Cocinera know that we will need to use her stove to cook them and then we would just watch a movie of the church with them and they were all for that so were stoked about that! The truth is Honduras doesnt know what real cookies are here, compared to those cookies anyways. Im so excited to do that cuz I just crave every day some good old american cookies sometimes haha!
Not much more happened this week just a lot of just contacting and no success yet! Its getting frustrating and old but im determined that as long as we just keep doing what we need to do, the Lord will bless us! Its hard at times especially when the Branch President here himself tells us that there is no hope and that the people in our area just dont want anything. But I got thinking one day while we were contacting... Is it the people that need the church... or the church that needs the people more?? Sometimes as missionaries we get caught up in thinking why dont the people just listen to us? or just discouraging things like that but we all know that the church is always going to go on without the members, but as long as keep the mindset that we were called to teach, and if the poeple dont want to listen then there isnt anything more that we can do! Im not sure why this is so hard today to come up with things to say, and I hope this Email doesnt sound depressing because Im not at all, and we have plenty of ANIMO in our companionship but I dont have anything new to say really today other then my Testimony is becoming more and more solid every day! I know with ALL MY HEART that this church is true and as many Jehovas Witnesses or Church Pastors that try to shoot us down the Bible it just comes down to our testimony and at times thats all we can leave with people here because its the only thing that they cant find something contrary to it! The work here is really tough but I know that the Lord put me there for a reason, and every day is a strugle to keep my thoughts positive but I can find happiness in my testimony, its the secret, it really is! I know that!
But thats about it Family and Friends! I love you all so much and know that the Lord is blessing my through your prayers and I pray that the lord will bless you every single day!
Do your best, and leave the lord the rest!
Love Elder Gardner

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