Monday, August 2, 2010

New Companion

Hey Fam and Friends!
Well the news long awaited.... my new companion is Elder Broderick from Arizona. His house is actually like 15 minutes from Waweep and so he was able to understand what I was going through having family in Lake Powell without you! But ah this week has just been so loaded with things that happened and yeah. To start though, me and Contreras last day here in sabanna grande decided to go hike up to this big rock, which is pretty much the highest point in the valley of SabanaGrande and Im sending some amazing fotos from that. Its really just was so nice to get away for a minute and just sit up there and think, as you can see the wind was blowing really hard but ah it was so beautiful!
So wednesday we had Cambios and I picked up Elder Broderick and introduced him to our area here in good old SabanaGrande, hes got 4 months more then me but he clicked real fast and its been a fun past week or so together. We have been learning so much and just contacting like crazy, which is something that me and Elder Contreras hardly ever did so that has been something new for the both of us because he has been in the south for the past 4 months where its hotter then hot and his past couple companions have just been really planchero... like disobedient i guess is the best word in english. In other words we are both Craving just contacting and since we literally have no investigators now we are starting from scratch and man do I have some amazing contacting experiences to tell you... but not the time really. Basically saturday it was hotter then hot here and in the morning after our studies we werent feeling contacting but we knew what we needed to do so we left and just walked about 20 minutes up this cobble stone path and just started knockin doors, the very first door that we knocked was just this old little house with a big red door, and no doornob or a way to open it from the outside, yeah like the picture of christ knocking haha and this little old man opened the door after we stood there for every calling for someone and knocking. This mans name is Jose Benita... we didnt even ask.. he just invited us right in and sat us down after we basically just told him that we had a message for him about Jesus Christ and ended up teaching the entire first lesson with him and he just sat and listened with such intent. I dont know how amazing this is but just the way everything had been going that day and the circumstances we were in just dripping sweat in this little home with this little old man It was just such a tender mercy of the lord to me and I wish you all could have been there just kinda watching over because I know the spirit was there putting the words into my mouth as I taught my first really... lesson by myself with another Greengo. I dont know how better to describe this whole moment but I think back now and this was also the first time I had taught an actual man to be honest. WIth my little bit of contacting experience my first change and only teaching members or Laura and the two teenagers... this was the first time. So many more amazing things happened after that lesson that I couldnt have had a better saturday. He didnt end up showing up to church, but just from that hour and half of contacting that saturday morning we found 4 families and have appointments with all of them tomorrow. Just miracles are pouring out upon us. I know that to be true! I know its not impossible to find, baptize, and retain perople here in Sabanagrande, like so many other missionaries and even the mission pres himself thinks... something is about to change in this area... yes with two Greengos. The first time ever by the way... with just two Greengos!
Ok just real quick, but most importantly... I had a really stong feeling come over me to go visit with that Hermana Laura Avila that we hadnt visited with in over 3 weeks now... well we visitied with us our second day and she had so many questions about our church, we answered all of them, and just this weekend... she bore testimony to us that she knows everything is true and that she knows she needs to be baptized! She told us straight up that she wanted to baptized. There is so much more I wish I could say about the past couple lessons with her and how she got to this point. The problem that we are dealing with is getting them married but the good thing is that she knows!!!! We didint even have to accuse her, she came out and told us what she needs to do to be baptized in our church and be married too so that she is not living in sin! Her story to me is worth more then anything in my heart and I wish I could share it better but she is just our little miracle and Golden Investigator!
Anyways... I know this church is true and that miracles are performed throught the hand of the lord, even here in these poor little vilages of Sabanagrande Honduras.... Its so amazing to see!
Until Next week though... wish us luck in finding more people to teach and to be the miracle missionaires to change this area and the expectations. After all we had a total of 8 people in the church during the sacrament this sunday, and a total of 22 at most but its just ridiculous and I want so bad to just one day... fill every chair in our little chapel. There are 68 total chairs in our chapel... and one day my companion and I will fill everyone of them. DOnt know how, when, or where these people are but we can do it! I know that!
I love you all!
Love Elder Gardner

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