Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Feelin' old

Hey Fam,

Well its been a really good week. Changes in the zone, a bunch of new misionaries and lots more energy in the zone. This wednesday I had to say goodbye of a lot of good good buddies in the mission as they all went home... but im next haha i just had to keep that in mind whenever i got baggy about the fact that they are goin home before me.
We had to teach a big Zone workshop on thursday as ZLs at the beginning of every month and ugh sometimes its just so good to have new missionaries after a long 6 weeks with some pains in the butt.

We spent time on divisions this week too trying to meet the families that the missionareis are teaching and wow i got the wrong end of the stick with that one as a chain of bad luck happened. I crashed the bike, took a big gash out of my leg, spent all the money to repair it, then climbed a hill that would have made lance armstrong sweat and then spent a night with out electricity... worst experience in the world when your in the south. To say the least ive had some legit journal entires lately and my 3rd journal is fillin up faster then I thought it would.

I had a really good birthday aside from the flat tire that we had to deal with and not be able to go get all of our investigators in the morning. The branch invited me over for cake though along with all the others that go to institute that were having their brithdays this month as well. Then the joy of having sister missionaires in the zone... they invited us over for dinner last night and i went home super full thats for sure. A really good 21st birthday

Im dying of heat in this internet place so im gonna get off since no one else wrote me anyways... i must be getting near the end of my mission or something haha

Until next week!!
Thanks for the brithday package!!

Love Elder Gardner

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