Sunday, February 5, 2012

Change Week

Hey fam,

Well its been a long but very productive and succesful week. We had our baptism and everything went perfect. He was ready since the moment he went to church on the first of the year. His name is Luis Eduardo and he came here from TX and has plans to go back in the next 5 or 6 months but was born here so he came back to visit for a while. I already told you all a lot about him. He made it super easy to teach him everything cuz he just has a super open heart, and amazing support. Today we went to the temple.... again as a zone and since we are so many missionaries we ended having to rent 2 buses and so we had a little extra space so we called up and invited all the recent converts of the stake and ended up taking 2 families and our baptism from saturday and the member girlfriend. Its was an incredible experience. One the moms of the familes just broke down in tears with her little 3 year old daughter because the temple was just so beautiful. It kinda made the whole experience really spiritual. Its looking so much better now with the angel... driveway, plants and all kinds of good stuff.
Other then that great news... we not much has happened. I spent a lot of time trying to say bye to members since im pretty sure im out this change since i have nearly 6 months in my area. Plus its just two more changes that I have left. The whole mission has been really stuggling on baptisms lately since we changed the focus on just families and no more kids... at all. Its dropped our numbers but we will see how the Zone Leader council goes this next week with one of the Area 70... Elder Fallebela... is gonna come and most likely shave us but its gonna be good, and interesting to see what he has to say.
This whole week ive been getting up early to do exercized... in this case... laundry haha... since all my clothes have been sitting in my suitcase forever they smell all dusty and weird so i started little by little washing all my clothes by hand on our pila and im gonna be finishing today soo thats gonna be a relief but im gonna be going to my last area smellin super good haha
Ive grown to love washing my clothes by hand and not that i got a technique goin on and it doesnt hurt my fingers anymore... its been really nice!
Im really gonna miss my comp Elder Cac... it took us a while to get the companionship going but we get a long really well and were for sure gonna miss each other. Im just really hoping that the lord takes me out of the city to finish my mission. Thats all i want. Id even be down for going to the south again! We will see and find out tomorrow night i guess.
Anyways.... thats about all the good stuff. I sure do love you all very much though and hope everything is going well!!

Love you fam

Elder Gardner

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