Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Humble prayer

Hey Fam,

Weeks are just becoming more and more un real, especially how fast they go by. This week has been one long awaited though because the lord has worked in lots of mysterious ways with Hosman and Jasmin... they are now back together and we have taken members over there to help them get over the little things that happen. All week we were with them, almost every day just helping Jasmin be ready for her baptism on the 26th and she says she is ready. We were really sure what to think about that though cuz they have said so before but then somthing comes up. We had Jasmin pray on Saturday night and she said one of the most humble prayers ive ever heard from her, especially coming from someone who at first wanted nothing to do with us. I remember specifically she asked the lord that he would not put any obstacles in the way so that she could go to church and that their year and half year old daughter that is in my arms in the pic I sent. would not have any set backs. Well sunday morning... sure enough at 830 they were ready to go. Hosman comes out and hands me his little daughter cuz she now has developed the trust with me and comes running out the door when we get there. She is the cutest thing ever. Yesterday was the Primary Program in the ward and it went soooo well. The kids in the ward did their part so well and everyone was just loving it. Especially Jasmin. I wrote in my journal last night that we finally did it.
After church we walked the lady that only has one leg that got baptized when i first got to this area, she is in her wheelchair and now the members have dedicated themselves to go get her in the morning and its just a huge blessing and she is always soooo greatful. I love these members sooo much. Despite the fact that we are having problems finding people and baptizing like we want to... the members are starting to help more and more.
After church and everything we went to a new area to start contacting and we found 2 new people. A guy that lived in the states for 20 years and admired the church and had the desire to hear the message since 15 years ago but no one had ever passed by to talk to him. It was a really good lesson and he is gonna read the book of mormon and see if he wants more later on.
Its been really hard to work in our area the past week cuz we are trying to help 5 different familes get married and the paperwork that one hast to gather is just ridiculous. But were there workin on it all.
I love the mission, im learning more and more each and every day!
I love you all and miss you more and more every day as well. I hope your all enjoying the snow once again while were still sweating like crazy now that the rain has ceased!
Until next week!!

Elder Gardner

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