Monday, August 29, 2011

Lots of Rain

Hey fam,
Well its been quite a week. This whole past week there have been warnings of big rain storms coming as after affects of the Tsunami or somehting that hit in NY and we didnt think much of it all week cuz it was just hotter then ever this week, which truely is a sign that its gonna rain. When it gets super hot here, it means its gonna rain soon. All week though we were fine up until saturday afternoon and it CAME DOWN!! The worst part was it just happened to start falling about 45 minutes before the Preistood meeting for the stake conference we had this weekend. Needless to say we were soaked in the process of trying to get our investigators to the meeting and some recent converts. We were only 15 minutes late though and were there just in time to listen to Elder Martino, of the 70 speak to us, and shave us, and capacitate us. It was really good, and actually exactly what we needed to hear, and especially the preistood leaders here in this country.
Sunday was really awesome though, the official day of the stake conference. The only part that makes everything hard is that the stake center is pretty far away from our area and the majority of people here dont have cars here obviously. Reguardless though, we told the Family Molina to be there early cuz they said they wanted to go on thier own and sure enough, the both of them were there bright and early, they even beat us there. We have started to teach their 21 year old daughter recently though, and shes listening for once, but se wasnt able to go to the stake conference cuz of school. She seems to progressing now too so we will see what happens.
Yesterday was a really good day cuz we were able to go in divisions with some youth from the ward for a couple hours and it was really good. Something good always happens when we do divisions with the youth, and future missionaires of the ward. Despite all the rain we got this weekend, we got 4 investigators in church that we did not really expect.
I dont have much time but I want you to know that this is without a doubt the true chruch. I love this work so much, it was hard seeing my buddies home last week but the only cure to baggyness or trunkyness is going to work and it seemed to help me out this past week. Were finally starting to work a whole lot more with the missionaries in the zone, to do divisions and meet them more, and especially their investigators. I love that part about being a Zone Leader, im slowly becoming one of the oldest missionaries in the zone, its weird to say the least. I still feel like i have so much time left but I know how fast the past 7 months have passed me by and it makes me nervous. Im loving it though. Know that I love you all!! Very much!!
Take care!
Elder Gardner
PS. Heres a couple funny videos that I have done recently, including the storm we just had this last weekend. I hope you like them!!

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