Monday, July 18, 2011

Surprises, surprises!!

Hey Fam!!

Well Ive got some crazy surprises for you guys this week!! So the week started out like any other normal week, working hard and tryin to find new investigators. Friday morning we get a call from the Zone leaders and they let me know that we both had interviews with the new President Hernandez. We were a little nervous cuz we had no idea what they were for but we knew we hadnt done anything. We get there into the office and I see Elder Price, my origional comp from the MTC.. remember him? Well he had just gotten out of interviews too with his trainer. Shortly after President called us in to his office at the same time and asked us in the nicest way possible if we were willing to do a bit of a sacrafice. He told us of Problems that Elder Price and His trainer were having and that he needed us to do mini-changes and switch companions. I couldnt believe it when he told us that cuz he then told me that I was going to be trainging Elder Price, and that Elder Wasden was gonna go with his companion. I couldnt hold the smile back, I couldnt believe that what I had looked at as a joke, or something crazy happening such us, me and elder Price being companions AGAIN after 15 months. Well thats exactly how it happened. The AP´s and President had no idea we were companions back then and it just happened to happen like that!! Me and him are super stoked to be together again. He hasnt changed a bit, just a bit heaver then what I remember haha!
We got togther and got to work for the first time saturday afternoon and I forgot what its like to not know spanish cuz hes only got 3 weeks here in Honduras and doesnt know much, its reminds me of myself 13 months ago when I first got here. Its been really fun though traing once again. I just cant believe its Elder Price again! On church on sunday everyone was just surprised to see a big white dude... two of them at that here in the ward. I was called to give a talk on the Function of the Book of Mormon but when I got up there they told me just 10 minutes but I lost track of time and had to speed it up so it didnt go as well as I wanted it to but we got a ton of people to church. We had 133 there yesterday. The most weve had in a while.
Its good to have Elder Price back, im just so glad that even though he had to go home for a year, he has made it back.
Today as a zone we got permission to go see the temple site cuz we have been begging permission the past 2 months ever since I got here! So we were super stoked to go see the temple. I got a ton of pictures to send ya, its going up sooo fast. Last September when i sent a pic home, all it was was just dirt that they were moving around. Now its full on structure and just incredible! I dont have much time today but thats the big surprise. After 15 months of separation... me and Elder Price are back together once again.
This is the true church... just look at the temple that were building. Everyone will soon know that it has to be the true and only church when its finished. The lord really does have his hand in everthing as he puts old buddies back together again!! We just try not to talk about how much time we have! I love all of you soooooooooooo much. I have my eternal family, sealed in a temple, not only for this life, but for the life to come!!! Thanks for all the support!!

Love Your Elder Gardner

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