Friday, June 17, 2011

2 baptisms

Hey Fam!!
Wow what a week. Time has never gone by soo fast that it is right now in my mission. Me and Elder Wasden are workin really hard, we have started having our little problems and all but we are workin on it. He hasnt had a comp that likes to work until right now and so with 8 months he just hasnt developed the attitude and things like that yet so its been a little difficult but were getting better, working hard seems to be the only cure.
Anyways... I dont know if I even mentioned last week that we were gonna have 2 baptisms but we did it. We got Freddy a 32 year old single man that actually contacted us about 3 weeks ago and has just loved having us over the past couple weeks. We also baptized a 15 year old girl, Melissa, a neice of a member. She is living with the uncle and was going to church and loved everything about it and when we asked her to get baptized she was super excited. At first her dad didnt want to let her get baptized cuz he doesnt like the church and so the uncle didnt know what to say. I asked for his number to be able to call him that night and I dont know what I said when I called him cuz at first he didnt accept, or want to talk to me, but after a good 10 minutes of just talking to him he accepted and she was able to be baptized this past saturday.
Up until this saturday I've never seen so many supportive members of the church at a baptism. Just random members of the ward showed up to support them, they gave the talks, sang the hymns, and gave the prayers and welcoming. I feel like all we need to do is get them to church and they will get baptized. This ward that I'm in is so incredible. I love the members, there's no rumors or bad news that goes around. Nothing. The guy in the middle of us in the baptism picture is the bishop, the most humble amazing guy I've met and when we asked Melissa who she wanted to baptize her... she immedietely said the bishop.
Ugh this week was just super awesome. This email isnt gonna be as long as normal cuz I dont have much time but just know that Im super happy and content with everything. This change is going by super fast... two weeks and we have changes again. I cant believe it!!
Dani I got your Graduation invitation today, you look beautiful, it only made me a little baggy but im good now! haha
I love you alll sooo much. Keep up the prayers cuz were gonna need it with these 4 familes that we are teaching, all they need is a literal answer to their prayers.. they are reading, praying and everything... they are just waiting on an answer. Were gonna need your help!
Thanks for everything!!
Love your missionary!!
Elder Gardner

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