Monday, February 7, 2011

Keeps gettin Hotter

Hey Everyone,
Well wow I just realized that I don't have anything new to say! These weeks just fly by and I feel like nothing even happens sometimes! Me and my kid have been doing a lot of contacting this past week because we had to drop a lot that we had. Its just been difficult getting these people to come to church, and if they don't every learn of the importance, they will never progress. I'm still doing the best I can to learn the culture more and more of these people from the south because I feel they don't want anything. The Book of Mormon is soooo key to conversion and 16 of the 19 investigators that we have don't know how to read.
One of the leaders of the mission here in the south bought us a bunch of Pizza Hut pizza this Thursday because of the baptisms that we had. Hes a real estate agent here in Honduras and supposedly is just killin' it so he decided to reward us a little with some Pizza so that was amazing and then we had a super awesome pump-up meeting afterwards to get us more motivated here in the work! The church really does have some incredible leaders, and the majority converts which is so incredible. I love and appreciate and know we would be nothing without them. I hope you guys don't forger what you have there in Utah! This past week we had been preparing for a huge activity there in the church which we had Saturday and we had no idea what we were gonna do they just gave us some funds to hold an activity to help us get more people to church. We decided to just do a movie night and watch The Testaments at the last minute. All day Saturday our faithful little Relief Society President went around asking for help all day Friday to help her make a bunch of tacos for this activity. Saturday morning.... not one other lady showed up to help her so she made 120 tacos and everything to go with it all by herself. She is also the lady who usually makes food for us during the week and so when we came for lunch and told us that no one showed I just felt so bad for her. I wasnt surprised at all but wow.. shes so amazing!!
The activity actually didn't turn out as bad as I thought, we had 95 people that showed up... the only frustrating thing is that alllll the people we invited, investigators and everyone they just sent there kids to the activity and they stayed at home. We had over 50 kids under 12, 6 MEN, and all the rest just women. Were tryin to get up the preisthood attendance and we just cant get them to show up!! Kinda depressing attendance but everyone loved the movie and it was fun!
Sunday we had 62 in church which is the most we've had since I got here but only 2 were investigators. Once again we also taught alll the hours of church while one of the leaders came and had an emergency leadership meeting and took our all the leaders, teachers and everything while just us missionaries were left with everyone else! We sicked some teenagers on the primary, I taught the young men and young women and my kid taught the adults that stayed, for the 3rd hour we just couldn't get everyone to stay so everyone went home... super frustrating.
I need to explain to you all that I love the mission so much, sometimes it may seem that I'm always just mad but I'm not haha I just get frustrated but the truth is were slowly having success and probably better said just planting seeds. Me and my kid are having fun and learning a lot about each other!!
I love you all so much and appreciate all the support!
Love Elder Gardner

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