Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep Battlin'

Hey Everyone,
Well its been a tough week of disappointing things but were still hangin in there! To start, the baptism of Alex that we were supposed to have on Saturday fell through because when we went looking for him on Tuesday he had already taken off to a town about 2 hours away because supposedly someone in his family got sick and he didnt get back till today, and we actually ran into him today in the morning and he is having all kinds of doubts... I dont know what to think anymore about him so we will see what happens for this next Saturday!
Man this sun out here in the south... I've just been watching it just drain my energy like crazy, by about 4 with all the walking that we do I'm just wasted. Im doing all I can, drinkin a ton of water just to maintain that energy but its been tough this past week!! Me and my kid have been finding new investigators like crazy but all the families we have all need to get married before baptism, and almost all the others dont know how to read and dont know how to learn and apply things that they learn so its a really hard to keep them progressing, the other never catch the need to go to church from what we learned yesterday when none of the best investigators that we have show up to church. In Buena Vista we have two sessions of sacrament meeting, the one in the morning of the 3 hours where we pretty much teach every hour, and then just a sacrament meeting in the evening where one of us takes turns speaking but we didnt have much success yesterday!! The one leader who pretty much runs the whole branch there too with us is an 18 year old, getting ready for the mission, just amazing kid. He has been helping us a ton this week in taking us to the houses of the members and all that good stuff. Its kinda the same situation as Sabanagrande because theres about 300 members in Buena Vista but only 54 in church like yesterday! Were trying to re-activate, find investigators, and organize leadership all at the same time. Its something else but I'm learning more and more of what the lord is wanting me to learn through the hard times, and the really good times that we have!!
Something crazy happened to me this Thursday, you can see from the pics that I sent that I got stung by a scorpion right before bed, just walking over to get a drink of water. All the lights were off and when it happened I had just my flip flops and socks on but ahhh it hurt and stung so bad. It scared the crap out of me though because I turned on the lights and couldnt find it and then my foot started to go numb but then my companion came in and found it hiding under some trash bags and then we took the pics and killed it but it was the first time that I have seen one in the mission, and I got stung before even seeing one! Im fine now, they just had to amputate my foot and give me krutches but ill be fine.... haha nah! Im fine!!
Well I dont have much time today and this is basically all that has happened this week and a couple photos to see some more people and bugs that are the joy of being in the south of Honduras!
The mission is so awesome, im learning more and more as I go and I know this church is true!
I love you all and wish you all he best this next week!
Love Elder Gardner

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